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Template courtesy of our friends at

Design Ops Canvas

Design Ops Canvas

Design Ops Canvas Template

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Design Ops Canvas

Scale design within your organization

The DesignOps Canvas (by XPLANE) is a tool to help you think through how design will scale in your organization. If a current Design Ops function exists, to visually map it. If it does not yet exist, to design it.

Set the stage for conversations in your organization, think through your needs, plans, and goals, and ask the right questions. Then, use this canvas to capture your ideas and insights in one place. We recommend that you think of this as a living document, a kind of evolving scratch pad that you continually refresh, so it always represents the current state of DesignOps in your organization or team.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:

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XPLANE is a design consultancy focused on aligning and engaging large organizations to accelerate results. Founded by Dave Gray, they're a team of illustrators, authors, MBAs, graphic designers, journalists, and consultants united by the passion for solving business's most complex problems.

*The Design Ops Canvas and above explanation provided courtesy of Gamestorming.com (from the creators of XPLANE).


XPLANE is a design consultancy that helps organizations clarify, communicate, & activate their strategies to accelerate positive change.

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