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Customer Discovery Canvas

Customer Discovery Canvas

Customer Discovery Canvas Template

Customer Discovery Canvas

Build a foundation of trust with new clients

This collaborative discovery template invites your customer to engage and co-create in the critical sales discovery process. Through dialogue and shared ownership of the mural, you will gain a deeper understanding of the customer’s business needs, uncover more opportunities, and create a mutual commitment to next steps.

Watch this video for an overview of the Customer Discovery Canvas:


Use this canvas in the early stages of conversation with your prospect/customer to explore and record relevant Discovery topics. You can capture Pre-Call research you or your SDR has gathered before you talk with your customer. This canvas can apply for a one-call close, or can be used across multiple customer calls along your deal cycle.

Pro-Tip: You can Delete or Add areas that are (not) of interest to you for your customer interaction. Once you create your canvas from the template. Make it your own.


In this section you can capture notes from your own pre-customer call Discovery, or information shared by your SDR if applicable. The upper section is for company and industry trends, company news and other interesting things you learn about your customer and their business. The lower section is for stakeholders you research. It's ok for your customer to see this work- in fact it's good!

Pro-Tip: Remember that you can add documents, links and even LinkedIn profiles for a more comprehensive and interesting visual canvas.


The more interactive and engaging we can make our call experiences, the better the customer experience and the greater likelihood of a sale! If you'll invite your customer to join the mural with you, consider using this space for an introductions exercise or another activity that allows them to practice using MURAL tools.

Find inspiration for warmups on our blog.


Use these canvas areas to visually record your conversation with your customer. You (or a colleague) may choose to do all the recording. To the extent your customer is comfortable, you can invite them to collaborate with you in the mural in real time.

Pro-tip: You might create a color key to designate people who will make the decision, people who should be consulted or informed, people who would influence the decision, and so on. Solution Requirements. Get input now on what they are looking for in a solution including tech requirements, timing requirements, who needs to be involved etc.


Use this area of your canvas to capture and organize next steps. You can use this for immediate next steps (as in, prior to your next call), or you can likewise begin to map out a mutual action plan.


Finally, in this area you will find some quick tips and video tutorials to help you get started with MURAL. Double click on the thumbnails to watch the videos in the mural.


Learn more about customer centric discovery: Read Naked Sales (Somersault Innovation)

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Template by Somersault Innovation

Somersault Innovation was born in 2015 when we fell in love with the power of Design Thinking and wanted to teach others to use the methodology. Once we got going, we realized there was incredible value in offering sales professionals the same tools that designers have been using for years to drive customer centricity.

We started teaching sellers how to use various tools to do better Discovery, generate Insights and Accelerate the deal cycle. The results have been amazing and inspiring.

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Somersault Innovation enables Sales professionals to use Design Thinking techniques to accelerate revenue growth.

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