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Culture design canvas template

Map your organizations culture to accelerate alignment and collaboration.

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Map Your Company Culture to Accelerate Alignment and Collaboration.

Your culture is much more than a set of core values. Designing an effective team or company culture requires capturing the long-term foundation as well as its emotional and functional sides. The Culture Design Canvas is a framework that will help you build a visual and comprehensive approach to culture.

Teams who use this tool have improved collaboration, communication, and speed. When people are aligned on how to work together, only magic can happen.

This tool was created by Gustavo Razzetti, founder of Fearless Culture to help organizations build more powerful cultures. Use it with your team or to map the company culture across departments or divisions. We recommend that you start with a small team to get used to the tool. Review the 'how to' guide and share it with your colleagues before the session.

How to create a Culture design canvas template

- How to use the Culture Design Canvas:

- The Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Culture Design Canvas:

- 12 Different Ways to Apply the Culture Design Canvas:

Culture design canvas template frequently asked questions

Gustavo Razzetti

Template by Gustavo Razzetti

Founder, Fearless Culture
Fearless Culture

Gustavo Razzetti is the CEO of Fearless Culture, a consultancy that helps organizations design purpose-driven, agile, and innovative cultures.

He is the creator of the Culture Design Canvas and author of 3 books.

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