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30 min

Concept mapping template

Visualize the connections between concepts within a given topic area

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About the Concept Mapping template

This template, designed by the LUMA Institute, allows you to deepen your understanding of a topic by gathering and organizing all of the associated concepts in a shared digital space. In a concept mapping session, it’s important to involve stakeholders with different backgrounds, so that you can gain insights from various perspectives, including subject matter experts.

Benefits of creating a concept map

Through visualizing the connections between concepts, you can foster better cross-functional collaboration while gaining a fuller understanding of a topic.

How to run a concept mapping session

  • Outline the process for your session and introduce the topic
  • Brainstorm ideas and concepts associated with the topic
  • Map the connections between concepts, how they relate to each other, and how those concepts relate to the topic

How to create a Concept mapping template

Concept mapping template frequently asked questions

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Template by LUMA Institute


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