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Collaborative ADDIE template

Create or iterate your learning experiences collaboratively

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ADDIE is an acronym for five phases of an instructional design project: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Together, these five phases are a non-linear process for creating and iterating learning experiences. 

Whether you are a learning designer at a university or in a corporate setting, use this template to effectively craft or iterate your learning experiences collaboratively with your team. Though the model appears linear, it does not have to be followed rigidly or in a linear approach, especially if you already have some of your learning materials developed. 

  • Analysis Phase: Discover the need, or gap, for your learning experience. You will then learn more about your audience and determine what the course will be about.
  • Design Phase: Use the findings from your analysis to make important decisions as you craft an experience that helps your learners achieve their learning goals.
  • Development Phase: Use your Design Area as a blueprint to develop your course’s learning material and assessments. You will also consider how to give your learners feedback. 
  • Implementation Phase: Think about preparing your stakeholders and course platforms to facilitate an ideal learning experience.
  • Evaluation Phase: Evaluate how successfully your course achieved the goals that you identified during your analysis and design phases.

As you are moving forward with your learning experience, you can go back to previous phases and add sticky notes with reflections, with the intent to iterate for the next time. Because everything is in the mural, you will always have an artifact that you and your team can reference for any phase of your learning experience.

Watch a quick overview of the ADDIE Process from our friends at EDUFLOW

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