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Challenge wheel template

Identify potential obstacles in your work

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Work is made up of basic activities that enable us to accomplish all manner of tasks. The Challenge Wheel assessment helps identify the obstacles that most impact our ability to perform these basic activities. You can take the assessment individually or as a team. Either way, within 60 minutes you will have insights to help you focus your work efforts.

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Template by Territory


Territory was established to help organizations do their best work. They are a network of consultants, designers and strategic thinkers with its principal office in Portland, Oregon USA.

Their wide distribution allows them to convene the best-suited and brightest talent to meet each client’s needs by applying the power of design thinking to help people imagine, achieve, and deliver greater value, faster.

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Mural is the only platform that offers both a shared workspace and training on the LUMA System™, a practical way to collaborate that anyone can learn and apply.