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Learn to draw the shortest line from problems to solutions, innovation, and collaboration from the world’s top experts in visual-verbal thinking—our team of New Yorker cartoonists.

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New Yorker cartoons have been the standard of creative insight for 90+ years. We had a hunch there was something special about HOW they were made that juiced the cartoonists’ creativity. We did tons of research. We discovered we were wrong. It’s not “something” special. It’s EVERYTHING about the mental process—the playfulness, the visual metaphor. It catalyzes creative breakthroughs. And it can spark innovation in your business just as well. We have New Yorker cartoonists ready to show you how.

What people are saying about them

Business needs what you got!

Tom Yorton
Former CEO Second City Works, "Yes, And" co-author

True learning happens through personal reflection, active engagement with others, and applying new perspectives back home. The Drawing Board workshops provide for all that

David Dye, PhD, PCC
Former Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting

Fantastic workshop.....high-energy, participatory, a great learning experience!

Steph Avalos-Bock
Assistant Director of Educational Programming

It was a joy to go on a private, behind-the-scenes tour led by professional cartoonists to learn about how they combine drawings, metaphors, and humor to bring simple, yet profound clarity to situations. It was even more fun to apply what we learned.

David Wong
Executive Director, Innovation and Growth
The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board