About NEON

We help people navigate work together through frameworks and facilitation, using empathy, evidence, structure and a little bit of magic.

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We frame chaos to help teams get sh*t done. We studied product teams for two years and discovered that problems with budget, timeline and team dysfunction come from:

1. A lack of alignment

2. Incomplete qualitative data

So we built scalable, repeatable processes to fix both so your team can focus on the challenge, not the method. We don't believe in a secret sauce; our methods can be executed by anyone. We'll facilitate, or we'll teach you how.

What people are saying about them

NEON gives you a deeper understanding and the framework to make user research work.

Tarek Sadi
Product Design & User Research Lead

NEON helps build skills for smoother interactive sessions and to be more effective leader

Kai Haley
Head of Design Relations

The training paid off after the first five minutes. It’s very result driven and I got a deeper understanding on how to be a better facilitator.

Manuel Dahm
Senior UX Designer

NEON are experts in scaling processes. That’s why we’re building our product factory with their help.

Agnes Bernot
Head of WiFi