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with visual collaboration

Inspire creativity and drive work forward with the power of MURAL inside of Microsoft Teams

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Add a shared digital canvas directly into any channel, chat, meeting invite, or live video meeting

With the MURAL App for Teams, align and empower teams with seamless workflows and supercharged collaboration using all of MURAL’s visual thinking and Facilitation Superpowers™ features. Take advantage of voting, summon, celebrate, private mode, and much more during your next collaboration session. This is how you transform teamwork.
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A stylized screenshot of the Microsoft Teams app with the Mural integration open. You can see four people on a video conference call while collaborating on a mural canvas.
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"MURAL and Microsoft together are a huge part of our collaboration stack. Separately, they've been an integral part of how we empower our hybrid workforce—so now that they’ve come together in one streamlined interface, it's a game changer. MURAL and Teams make it easy and fun to deliver meaningful impact to our clients’ businesses by reimagining the products and experiences their customers truly value."

Erik Gottesman
VP Agile Program Management, Publicis Sapient

Lead game-changing meetings

Elevate communication during live meetings in Teams with a new dimension of visual collaboration — where everyone's ideas are shared in real-time and no one's excluded.

Lead game-changing meetings

More creative ideas

In your personal dashboard, organize your thoughts, brainstorm solutions, or prepare for a meeting using drag-and-drop frameworks for popular methods like LUMA and Agile.

More creative ideas

For seamless hybrid and async teamwork

Easily add murals as tabs in a Teams channel or a chat (and quickly revisit those murals) to align and empower teams with seamless workflows using all of MURAL’s visual thinking and Facilitation Superpowers™ features. Add the Surface Hub to take inclusive hybrid collaboration to a new level!

Hybrid and async team work
MURAL is hosted on Azure.

Experience the magic of supercharged collaboration with MURAL + Microsoft Teams

Add MURAL to Teams
MURAL is powered by Microsoft Azure.