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We're about to launch a new service that will match you with one of the world's foremost visual collaboration experts to ensure you can achieve ambitious goals. The best part? Satisfaction's guaranteed.

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Hoping for a boost of confidence and hands-on coaching before you lead your next big meeting?

Looking for a beautifully designed template built to accomplish all the goals of your next workshop?

Don't have the time to plan and facilitate an upcoming session?

We'll match you with a MURAL expert who can help. Join the waitlist today to be notified when this premium service launches and receive exclusive updates.

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Eric Morrow, Founder

Staircase Strategy

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Sunni Brown, Founder

Sunni Brown Ink & Deep Self Design

Who are MURAL experts?

Leaders in their field and MURAL pros

MURAL experts are highly skilled facilitators, innovators, and design thinking consultants and freelancers who specialize in enterprise transformation and — of course — using MURAL. See all their expertise categories here.

Hand-picked strategists and innovators

Every MURAL expert has been vetted and approved by our team with a robust certification process backed by our satisfaction guarantee. And this isn't a marketplace; we'll match you with the perfect expert for your engagement.

They are experts so you don’t have to be

MURAL experts can support goals of all sizes — whether you have the expertise but not the time to spend building a new template, or want to scale an internal transformation.