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Digital workspaces for interactive learning


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Education Ready

MURAL makes it easy to embrace virtual learning and teaching. If you are a teacher or student you are eligible for a free education workspace. This workspace includes 10 members, 25 registered guests, unlimited visitors and is renewed annually.


Frameworks developed by experts and ability to customize your own learning experience.

Continuous Collaboration

Students collaborate in between classes and lecturers tap into the process as needed.

Visual Problem Solving

Allow the students to align and reach decisions faster.

Virtual Workspace

MURAL is a workspace you can bring with you anywhere.

Success Stories

Share your stories, use cases, and insights, and we’ll package and promote them to our customers.

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The depth and functionality of MURAL allows me to exceed what I have accomplished within the classroom and deliver an entirely reimagined class experience. MURAL will be the center of my teaching when we return to in-class instruction, too.

jeff eyet
Lecturer, UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

I was introduced to MURAL because of Covid. Now I can’t see how I ever did without it. I can honestly see myself using this the rest of my career.

Brandon Shaw
Vanderbilt University Student

Moving online has been rough, but MURAL is bringing back some of the interaction that I use in class. It's been a huge relief to feel like I can be a teacher rather than just a maker of videos for exercises.

Bill D. Ward
MFA, Professor, Art Institute of Dallas

MURAL is a game-changer for my class

Jack Crumbly
Management Department Chair of the Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science, Tuskegee