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Team breakout template

Facilitate class group work for team projects.

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Use this template to facilitate team cohesion, centralize group work, present findings, provide feedback, and debrief the feedback. Groups can be productive synchronously and asynchronously throughout the process.

Before breaking teams up, create a separate mural for each team to use as their working mural throughout the project. Use this template as a place to aggregate the team murals so they can be easily found and revisited by all group members.

Before sending students off to work on their projects, start by using the Try MURAL section to lead a warm up or let students that are new to mural become comfortable with the platform.

Next, have team members fill out the personal profiles so they can express how they can best work together. After that is completed, they can dive into their team murals and start collaborating!

Later, bring the class back together to present each group's working mural. Students can share their screens or invite other students into their linked team mural. Peers can use the Feedback section to share what they like, wish, and wonder about the project.

Finish the session with each team reviewing the feedback they received and debriefing what they learned.

How to create a Team breakout template

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