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Facebook Think Kit Template

A toolkit for rapid collaboration, ideation, and problem-solving across teams.

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Think Kit was created for the advertising industry, but its methods can be applied to any high-level or account-specific business problem. Within this toolkit you will find a series of techniques and exercises rooted in design thinking that provide creative approaches to problem solving and help identify audience-first solutions.

Each exercise has step-by-step instructions, and many have downloadable shared-platform accessible worksheets and guided facilitation to make virtual collaboration easier.

Click below to explore the MURAL templates we've crafted for your use, and be sure to check out the Think Kit site to take advantage of the full suite of exercises we have available!

Conducting a Brainstorm by Facebook Think Kit

Holding a brainstorm isn't unique; holding a productive brainstorm is. Great brainstorms set the stage for fresh ideas and generative thinking through simple guidelines and an open, collaborative environment. Use this when you're just kicking off a new project and want to hit the ground running with big ideas that will move your team forward.

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2x2 Prioritization Matrix by Facebook Think Kit

2x2s provide a visual way for teams to build shared understanding and make collective decisions for moving ideas forward. Use this activity to evaluate and prioritize new ideas, strategic directions, ideal target audiences, and more.

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Project North Star by Facebook Think Kit

Project North Star is a tool designed to align on a project's goals, roles, target audience, and other essential details so that teams can work effectively and efficiently. Use this as teams are forming around new projects, new business pitches, or ad-hoc client requests.

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Storyboarding by Facebook Think Kit

Storyboards are a great way to visually show current vs. future experiences through the act of sketching. Use this tool when you need a quick way to convey ideas, break down team or client processes, or explore a new way of working together as a team.

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Pre-Mortem by Facebook Think Kit

Often in projects, the learning happens too late in the process and nothing can be done to impact the project outcomes. The Pre-mortem tool enables team members to harness the collective experience and wisdom of the team, at a time when it’s most useful — before the project even starts.

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