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Voltage Control is a facilitation agency that helps teams work better together with Design Sprints, Liberating Structures, and custom-designed meetings and workshops.

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Voltage Control is a facilitation agency that helps teams work better together with custom-designed meetings and workshops, both in-person and virtual.

Their master facilitators offer trusted guidance and custom coaching to companies who want to transform ineffective meetings, reignite stalled projects, and cut through assumptions.

Based in Austin, Voltage Control designs and leads public and private workshops that range from small meetings to large conference-style gatherings.

What people are saying about them

Voltage Control (Douglas) provided us with valuable new ways of looking at applying the Design Sprint methodology for larger groups. Google Sprint Masters have now expanded their toolkits which enables them to push their product teams to drive more innovative outcomes across larger sprint teams.

Kai Haley
Head of Design Relations

We all have the opportunity to lead our organizations and evolve the way that work is done. If you want to have systemic change across your organization, this hands-on experience will change the way you design and implement meetings on a macro-level. The Voltage Control coaches will push you to unlearn the parts of your meetings culture that are not serving you. They will help you help yourself by analyzing what parts of your meeting systems need maintenance and what needs renovation. This purposeful approach will re-engage attention, re-energize teams, and re-define your culture!

Nick Johnson
Sr. Innovator

Voltage Control is a leader in the delivery of innovative and actionable content. I have always found significant value in the material and teaching method used by Voltage Control. After engaging with Voltage Control we are now confidently moving beyond design thinking and regularly pushing prototypes into production.

Robert Taylor
VP & Senior Corporate Counsel

Voltage Control helped me and my team engage with internal and external stakeholders to identify effective strategies. The collaborative relationships that began in the workshop continue to flourish.

Lt Col Paul Vicars
Lead for Pilot Training Next
Voltage Control

Voltage Control