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Somersault Innovation enables Sales professionals to use Design Thinking techniques to accelerate revenue growth.

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Somersault Innovation was born in 2015. They fell in love with the power of design thinking and wanted to teach others to use the methodology.

Once Somersault got going, they realized there was incredible value in offering sales professionals and problem solvers the same tools that designers have been using for years to drive customer centricity. The results have been truly inspiring in terms of revenue generation and sustainable solutions.

What people are saying about them

It was such a thrill to work with your team. Your level and degree of agility was mind-blowing- we’ve seen a lot of third-party partners and your team was the best we have seen. Your coaching, empathy, and ability to facilitate a group process was amazing!

Rita Robbins
Master Trainer of Trainers
Somersault Innovation

Somersault Innovation