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The SAP AppHaus makes innovation real by applying a Human-Centered Approach to Innovation to transform business data into customer value based on SAP’s Business Technology Platform

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The SAP AppHaus is a “customer facing” co-innovation space and SAP´s physical representation for the Human-Centered Approach to Innovation. In this space customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively make innovation real by putting humans and their experiences first.Our team supports companies to either improve existing business processes or User Experience, to generate new Business Models or to establish a culture of innovation across the company powered by SAP's Business Technology Platform.

What people are saying about them

We gained confidence during our collaboration with the SAP AppHaus who helped us advance our service model by deeply empathizing with users and capturing their insights through the design thinking workshop and field research. [...] After experiencing the whole process, I really believe in the importance of the voice of customers.

Woo Hun Lee

For more than seven years, the SAP AppHaus has been a true role model for a creative space to drive innovation. Only few innovation teams are capable to survive and thrive over such a long period of time. The SAP AppHaus’ strategy to succeed is simple: They always put humans in the center of their work to drive innovation together with their customers, powered by the latest intelligent technologies. Despite the challenging times due to COVID-19 their experienced coaches could continue to drive innovation virtually without the support of a creative innovation space.

Harriet Kasper
Researcher & Consultant
SAP AppHaus

SAP AppHaus