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Moonshot by Pactera EDGE is a global innovation studio that helps teams discover, design, and scale experiences their customers love. We bring humanity to technology.

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Moonshot is the innovation outpost of Pactera EDGE, a global technology services provider that designs, builds, and optimizes human-centric intelligent digital solutions. Through our proven methodology (FUEL), we bring together diverse teams to co-create new products, platforms, and ventures through a relentless focus on human-centricity and deep expertise in disruptive technology. For more information, visit https://www.moonshotio.com/.

What people are saying about them

We partnered with Moonshot to tackle the ambiguous task of how we may be able to innovate and better serve our customers. The workshops Moonshot led, and the resulting outputs, have been invaluable to the development of our innovation pipeline.

Sara Smuda
Consumer Insights Manager

The IoT Innovation Ecosystem is complex and working with other companies and partners can be challenging. The Moonshot team brings the perfect expertise and tools to allow these collaborations to flourish and teams to come out motivated and focused on results.

Fermin Fernandez
Director of IoT and Digitalization Innovation

We needed help figuring out how to breathe new life into a legacy service that many of our largest customers were using. The Moonshot team came in with their magical design sprint powers and put us on the right track while bringing new energy to the team. In 2 days.

William Wang
Product Manager | Sustainability Solutions

I had the privilege of attending a monthly design sprint series at the Chicago Bosch Connectory. Surrounded by intelligence, I learned how to get out of my echo-chamber, think creatively, and work as a team to solve problems with the human experience in mind. Ideas were born and validated in a quick, efficient, enjoyable manner. I left as a better consultant.

Shawna Witek
IoT Business Development Manager
Moonshot by Pactera EDGE

Moonshot by Pactera EDGE