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Hard Yards is a product development consultancy that partners with clients to transform organizations and deliver solutions that win.

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“Do the hard yards” (phrase) An old sailing phrase that refers to the crew furling or unfurling of the canvas from higher yardarms that was not a welcome task; it was both difficult and dangerous. It is a metaphor change; Digital transformation, technology transition, or shifting to a product mindset.

Jason Lamb, a former Navy SEAL and Mark Pushinsky, a career product manager and agile trainer blend design and agile practices to help clients deliver great product (Human-Business-Technology).

What people are saying about them

I offer Hard Yards my strongest possible recommendation - they are experts in successfully applying Human-Centered Design and Agile/Scrum methodologies to complex business challenges.

Gus Nicoll
Chief Operating Officer

I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate and the knowledge everyone has shared. And to the instructors, a special Thank You for so eloquently taking us on this journey! I plan to shamelessly use the knowledge, tools and techniques you have shared. Can we just keep going? I know I have so much more to learn!

Jeanne Porter
Scrum Master

The Hard Yards training was a complete game changer! Our team enrolled for this training in order to prepare for a high visibility, tight deadline delivery for a Department of Defense customer, and as a result, we were able to respond to major project changes, deliver on time, and exceed our customers’ expectations for production. The training team taught us how to work in a way which is adaptable and can respond to dynamic customer needs- a skill which has been immensely valuable. Since working with HardYards, we have revolutionized the way our team works and how we have approached every subsequent project!

Phil Freidhoff
Senior Technology Strategist
Hard Yards

Hard Yards