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Event Design Collective enables teams to systematically design innovative events using the #EventCanvas

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Event owners are faced with the need of change and can get frustrated by understanding how to implement that with their events. We use the 3 stage Event Design Methodology that we teach Event teams or work with them directly on applying it in their organisation.

It allows them to get grip with how their own events create value and how to measure success through behaviour change. Ultimately their teams become change makers and creates confident leaders of event design in their own organisation.

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The best events are not merely engaging experiences, they are transformational. By using the Event Canvas you will ensure the outcomes of your events meet your goals - and change your organization.

Joe Pine

EventCanvas is a super helpful analogue system to track the past, organise the present + plan for the future

Mohamed Ba
Head of Innovation Division at ITU

At Google, over the past 25 event designs, our calculated time savings was 87.5% going from 200+ hours to ~40 for our Event Design Sessions. Our satisfaction scores went from an average of 4.2 to a 4.9 satisfaction (out of 5) between subsequent events by using the Event Design using the #EventCanvas Methodology

Amy Badersnider
Lead, UX Spaces

The Event Canvas Methodology empowers our teams to design and deliver innovative events for all stakeholders of the International Olympic Committee.

Panos Tzivanidis
Director, Corporate Events & Services
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Event Design Collective