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CBA is an international design agency based in 10 countries. We design brand identities and experiences, combining strategic analysis and creative vision.

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Thanks to a strong and engaging identity, successful brands are able to make the most of every point of contact. Designing brand solutions therefore, means crafting strategies aimed at users' needs to building engaging relationships and interactions across all channels. At CBA this is possible thanks to an approach which places the human at the center of our activity. We embrace an agile mindset, and we are here to help you solve your branding and design challenges to get you to market quicker.

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Partnering with CBA to develop our portfolio architecture in Sprint Mode has been a new and effective way for us to work. Being able to work together remotely from the very beginning, highlighted key questions and challenges that helped us course correct immediately without losing time. We were able to focus our efforts and align more quickly and efficiently at this critical stage before starting the design work.

Mikhail Chapnik
Vice President, Head of Marketing

Working with CBA using their Sprint Mode methodology has allowed us to collaborate with our teams from various locations in ways that previously would have been complicated, costly and require a scheduling miracle. We have been able to share global insights and conduct real-time decision making in a way that’s inclusive, easy and surprisingly entertaining.

Susmita Vellanki
Executive Marketing Director