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Business Models Inc is an international strategy & innovation design agency, believing we must change the way we think about our own businesses.

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Our business design journey started by self-publishing global bestseller book Business Model Generation. This book marked our era in pioneering in Business Design and features the renowned Business model canvas.

A second book followed (Design a Better Business) and by winning design awards and making our strategic tools accessible to everyone, we started a revolution. Together with our customers we are looking for the edge of innovation and can’t wait to help you start a revolution!

What people are saying about them

Working with Business Models Inc has been great. Like no other agency, they are really able to pinpoint and design the distinctiveness of the proposition by really understanding the problem worth solving for the customer and consumer. Also, they did a wonderful job in translating the value proposition on paper to a compelling story in the market. With their co-creation and co-innovation approach they created alignment and clarity across different stakeholders, making us move forward fast.

Johan Winnubst
Manager Business Development

This is not just a project to get to new value proposition, it’s a way to change the way we work in the company. The expertise of BMI is very useful obviously, but just important is how they create energy and convinced us about the disciplined we need to have to getting this project done.

Armijn Spreitzer
Manager Products

BMI• introduced us to a new way of working which enabled us to be more creative in the search for finding new business opportunities.

Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann
Operations Director Offshore Wind
Business Models Inc.

Business Models Inc.