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Going the Distance, Virtually: How Executives at Thoughtworks Plan and Prioritize in 2020

James Pickett
James Pickett
Principal, Advisory Services
November 10, 10:00 AM (PT)
November 10, 2020

Getting together and meeting face-to-face. That's how executive leaders at Thoughtworks would reflect on the prior year and set priorities for the year ahead. This critical moment of alignment would be carried out over several days during planning sessions that involved over 20 leaders from over 10 countries. But when 2020 made "in-person" impossible, James Pickett, principal, Advisory Services, got to work securing a means to facilitate this annual time of alignment virtually.

Join us in this MURAL Imagine session to find out how Thoughtworks leaders reengineered these critical meetings through adapting their structure and using MURAL and Zoom to help the team "go the distance" virtually.

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