Live Talk

August 12, 2020 6:00 PM

Crash Course - Everybody Can Draw This


Ole Qvist-Sørensen, Founder (Bigger Picture)

Loa Baastrup, CEO (Bigger Picture)

Why draw? Drawing is an age-old discipline that we all can learn and which the brain grasps faster than it does speech or text. When we draw, we create clarity. In a digital world, with digital tools like MURAL, hand-drawn visuals and templates stand out and foster greater levels of engagement.

Who can draw and where? Everyone can use drawing as an effective tool for communication. Technologies like MURAL has given us new means to draw, adjust, and share our drawings with one another.

When we draw together, we learn together — whether we're face to face or remote. The big picture comes into view and everyone can see themselves in it. Frontrunners such as LEGO, the UN, Maersk, IKEA, and the Red Cross have already successfully incorporated this way of working. How might you?

This 90 minute workshop helps you overcome any barriers you may have for using simple drawings at work.

Your workshop hosts are co-authors of the book Visual Collaboration and co-founders of Bigger Picture Academy.


Length: 1.5 hours
Location: Online (MURAL + Zoom)
Capacity: -
Cost: $102


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