For six consecutive weeks we're sharing a playlist of talks focused on what matters most for successful visual collaboration + a live session you can attend to get questions answered.
5/21 - 5/28
Week 1: Bridge the Gap with Design Thinking at Scale
Design thinking has changed how teams at the world’s largest companies work to solve the right problems. As teams are increasingly distributed—often spanning time zones and even hemispheres—they must adapt how they solve the right problems in a remote context.

Learn about how design thinking experts are achieving successful outcomes—no matter the distance.
May 28, 2020
Maximizing the ROI of Design Thinking

Jeanne Liedtka, Professor of Business Administration (Darden School at UVA)

Mariano Suarez-Battan, CEO (MURAL)

Design thinking can seem easy, especially when done through fun workshops and hackathons. But the real transformational power of DT is in understanding it as a social technology—one that changes how imagination workers understand and solve problems.

Join Jeanne Liedtka as she digs into this truth in her upcoming book, The Innovator's Journey: How Design Shapes Us as We Shape Design. She discusses the importance of embedding design thinking into your day-to-day, and provides creative solutions for common dilemmas that innovators face.

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May 21, 2020
Perspectives and Challenges of Jobs To Be Done

Jim Kalbach, Head of CX (MURAL)

Tony Ulwick, Founder and CEO (Strategyn)

Jobs to Be Done is a business approach centered on turning customer insight into innovation. Though decades old, it has received significant attention recently.

In this live talk, Jim Kalbach, author of recently published The Jobs to Be Done Playbook, sits down with one of the pioneers of this theory, Tony Ulwick. Together they'll explore some of the core concepts of Jobs to Be Done, and discuss the present and future state of the field.

Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at MURAL, brings a somewhat different perspective than Tony on the Jobs to Be Done theory, as well as practical advice for putting it to use today.

Tony Ulwick, Strategyn Founder and CEO, was one of the principal architects of the Jobs to Be Done theory, and he continues the development of this ideology through his innovative work of today.

Week 2: Collaborate visually to see what they say
For the virtual workspace to truly replicate the interactivity of the physical workplace requires being able to see what someone is saying—which we refer to as visual thinking.

Discover how to advance collaboration beyond digital whiteboards and how organizations use visual collaboration to improve performance and results.
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Week 3: Go to school on virtual learning
Educational instruction is a natural fit for visualizing lessons and ideas, but digital whiteboards alone don’t guarantee learning.

Explore how visualization can be used to increase student engagement and performance.
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5/21 - 5/28
Week 4: Build in engagement (and eliminate Zoom fatigue)
To be seen and heard in a virtual brainstorming session or team meeting can be intimidating and challenging. Very often, the best ideas can come from the quietest person in the back of the room.

Learn how to develop the skill of creative collaboration and facilitate sessions that get everyone engaged and participating.
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5/21 - 5/28
Week 5: The future of team collaboration
For many, working from home now means relearning how to work. And like all challenges, it offers a valuable opportunity.

Let’s envision new ways to work together even if we’re apart—to do the best work of our lives.
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5/21 - 5/28
Week 6: The future of client collaboration
From sales discovery to consulting service delivery, how are teams engaging with clients from a distance? In this playlist we'll explore how teams are adapting to remote client engagements to build strong, lasting relationships.
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