Travelers, Ready to Rock Your Rollout?

Everything you need to know about setting yourself up for success in MURAL


How to create a MURAL account

MURAL is available to anyone at Travelers. Explicit requests or approvals are no longer required.

Creating an account is easy. Sign up at and create an account using your Travelers email address.

🔑Single Sign-On

Effective September 16, 2021, MURAL will convert to single sign on (SSO) and members will login using your SSO credentials. You will still have access to all of the same workspaces/rooms/murals. The only thing that changes is the way you log in.

After going to and entering your Travelers email address, users will automatically be routed to the OKTA SSO sign-in window.  Upon authentication, you'll gain access to MURAL.

🔎Find existing workspaces

You'll automatically join the primary Travelers workspace.  You can also find and join other Travelers workspaces here:


Travelers Company Settings

Travelers' company admins in MURAL manage the company members and configure the company settings that affect all company workspaces.

💡 Collaborating in MURAL

MURAL use is for INTERNAL collaboration only. Only Travelers employees will be able to access through SSO.

Guest and Visitor user types are not allowed in any workspaces.

🔒 Security

MURAL Room Guidance

  • Private rooms are only accessible to those you explicitly invite.
  • Open rooms are public to anyone in your workspace.

Travelers policy recommends use of Private Rooms only. If you've already created an open room, you can change the room type to private. Learn more


Q: How do I get a MURAL account?

A: Creating an account is easy. Sign up at and create an account using your Travelers email address.

Q: How do I find and join another workspace?

A: There are 11 workspaces at Travelers and you might find different teams working in different workspaces. To join another workspace, follow this link . Be sure to read the descriptions and take a look at the admins to make sure you are joining the right workspaces.

Q: How do I switch between workspaces?

A: You may be part of one or many different workspaces, but don't worry - it's easy to switch between them! When you are looking at your murals from the dashboard, you can see the name of the workspace you are currently in at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Click on the arrow next to the workspace name to see all workspaces you are currently part of
  • To switch to a different workspace, just click on the name of that workspace in the drop down
  • If you're only a member of one workspace, you'll not be able to switch workspaces

Q: How do I invite others to a mural?

A: Starting on [date], the primary way to share a mural or room with your colleagues is to invite them by email or send the invite link. The Visitor link will be disabled and should not be used to share a mural with your Travelers colleagues. (This also means that any Visitor links previously shared or stored (i.e. saved in meeting invites or linked in documentation) will no longer work.  You will need to update the Visitor link with the Invite link.)

To share a mural by email:

  • Click on the pink SHARE button in the top right corner
  • Type in the users email under "Invite people by email"
  • Press Enter. (you can add
  • Once you have added everyone, click select "Send invites"

To share the Invite link to invite members to your mural:

  • Click on the pink SHARE button in the top right corner
  • Generate a share link in the modal window.
  • Copy the link and send it to your collaborators.

Learn the Basics of MURAL

👉 Sign up for a live demo with MURAL's Customer Support team (or watch a recording):

Every week we offer two live MURAL training sessions. Attend Monday’s session ✨ for the basics and Tuesday's session - to learn how to organize your work and run engaging sessions using MURAL. Each session includes time for Q&A and practice in the app.

💻 Prefer self-paced learning?

🧠 More ways to level up your collaboration game:


For licensing or access issues:
  • Contact Travelers Service Center (TSC)

For any technical questions and support:
  • Contact MURAL through
  • Click on the ❔ in the top right (when logged into MURAL)


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