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How to use Break-out Rooms in MURAL


Warmups and icebreakers can help foster a sense of community in the classroom or extracurricular activity, here are some of our favorites:

The Warm-up and Icebreaker Archive


We have a great Template library to get you started using MURAL with your classes:

Collaborative Note Taking Template
Take notes collaboratively and creatively. This template was born out of frustration with the droning, one-sided nature of Zoom lectures.
It’s a space to take notes collaboratively with your classmates and friends, designed to run parallel to a lecture, but adaptable to a variety of settings — breakout rooms, reading a book with your friends, etc. Write what you hear, ask questions, explore related ideas. This template will help you bring interaction and conversation into lecture classes. There’s space to both take notes and synthesize them. It’s an interactive space with enough structure to guide you, and enough freedom for you to make it your own.

Study Guide Template
Prepare for exams by collaboratively building an engaging study guide.The Study Guide template provides a framework and suggested study techniques to prepare for school exams. You can collaborate on the guide with classmates or build it on your own and later invite your classmates  to quiz each other and make studying fun.


Use MURAL to plan, stay organized, keep up with your busy life!

School Planner Template
Stay organized during your first semester. Start out by assigning each class or activity to a specific colored sticky note to cary through your planner.Visit you planner daily to note specific assignments from each class and important due due dates and upcoming events.Use icons to check off when you have completed assignments, and easily move items in your to do list to stay on track.This is your personal planner so put your personal touch on it — add gifs, images, icons, or drawings to make it fun!Watch a walkthrough of the School Planner template and learn fun tips for customizing the planner, utilizing the outline, and creating more space if you have lots to do.

Resume & Cover Letter Brainstorm & Feedback Template
Let your resume be your record of accomplishments and guide your future achievements. This template is your guide to creating a resume and cover letter that reflects your strengths and career journey.