MURAL at Simon-Kucher & Partners

This page provides essential information about the usage of MURAL at SKP.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Using MURAL @ SKP
  3. What You Should Know
  4. SKP Company Settings
  5. Privacy
  6. Security
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Support


✅ How to create a MURAL Account

MURAL is live at SKP enterprise-wide, which means all division and central resources can obtain an account/license across the globe.

Creating a MURAL account is easy.

You can sign up directly at and create an account using your SKP email address.

*Tip: you are allowed to invite your clients to collaborate (at no costs for SKP) > 'how to invite a guest'

For licensing questions you can reach out to Zack Hite (, SKP's Customer Success Manager at MURAL

If you have previously used Mural and need your account reactivated, please email MURAL Customer Support (

Learn the Basics of MURAL

🎦 WATCH MURAL & SKP New User Training (Coming soon!)

▶️ JOIN Live MURAL Training Webinar

🎦 WATCH Video Tutorials

📑 READ MURAL Product Overview Page

🆕 New MURAL Features & Updates

🔎 Find existing workspaces
SKP has two workspaces set up with different sharing and security permissions to both maximize collaboration and protect our clients’ information. To find discoverable workspaces at SKP go to:

SKP Internal

SKP Client Delivery

👉 Request a new Room
There are both public and private rooms, which the creator determines based on security needs. In a private room, only people you invite directly can see your content. Public rooms are open access to any member of that workspace.

Any member can create a private or public room within the workspace and invite collaborators to join accordingly.

A new workspace will only be created if a private room in an existing workspace does not suffice. Please reach out to Zack Hite for any questions regarding additional workspace creation.


🤓 Video Tutorials
- MURAL: Getting Started, new user training (Coming soon!)
- Facilitating Sessions in MURAL

🎦 Learn what you need to know as a Workspace Admin at SKP
Coming soon!

🎦 Learn how to run Interactive Workshops at SKP
Coming soon!

🤩 Watch distributed teams collaborate on real work in MURAL
What’s remote collaboration like? See for yourself!
Sign up or see recordings of previous sessions here.

🏆 Get involved in the Quarterly MURAL & SKP Champions Sessions

Beginning in Q3 ’21 we will host quarterly sessions for the SKP MURAL user community to hear from colleagues about best practices, case studies and new workshop and project templates. These sessions are a forum for users to share experiences, provide feedback and learn about new updates.
Send a message to Zack Hite if you want to be added to this distribution list.


⚙️ SKP Company Settings
The SKP Company Admins in MURAL manage the company members and configure company settings that affect all company workspaces. Firm-wide settings are managed to protect our clients’ information. Individual users are able to manage their room settings, but may not change overall account settings and permissions.

🛡️ Privacy

  • MURAL is a cloud-service provider that meets allSKP security requirements and many additional requirements that clients in various regulated industries require. If you or your client have questions about MURAL security and cloud-services, please reach out to Zack Hite.

    *Tip: Do not Add Personal and Sensitive Information to a mural

🔒 Security

MURAL Room Guidance

  • Private rooms are only accessible to those whom you explicitly invite.
  • Open rooms are public to everyone in your workspace (as long as they have permission to see them).
  • Guest access, ie. The type of temporary license provided to client collaborators, are valid only for the individual Mural or room they are provisioned for. These guest licenses expire within 30 days, providing further protection of secure information.


🙋 What devices can I use with MURAL?
- Web app on laptop/pc: (Install Firefox or Google Chrome for the best MURAL experience)
- iPad & iPhone:
- Windows 10 laptops & touchscreen displays:

🙋 Can SKP employees use MURAL with external clients?
Yes, SKP has approved the use of MURAL with clients as long as you adhere to the disclaimers


For any further questions and support:

  • Get in touch with SKP Support in ServiceNow.
  • Contact MURAL through