SAP Virtual MURAL Week 2021

Twice a year we have one week focused on MURAL education and enablement. The time has come for our next edition. Because last years edition was such a success, with over a 1,000 SAPers registered, we decided to keep the format largely the same.

SAP Virtual MURAL Week 2021

     • April 19 until May 5
     • Different topic every day
     • Across all time zones
     • Ask all your questions about MURAL
     • All sessions will be recorded and sent to everyone who registered

In case of any questions, join the MURAL@SAP team in MS Teams.

Also make sure to check out the SAP WORX 2021 event, for more learning on collaboration at SAP.


This session will introduce you to the basics of MURAL and discuss the topic of Getting Your Team Started on MURAL but also be a time for you to ask your questions directly to the MURAL team.

     • What is MURAL and why should I use it?
     • Participating in an activity (adding and formatting elements)
     • Facilitator features (maintaining attention and gaining consensus)
     • Types of collaborators & permissions: members, guests, and visitors
     • Templates & use cases
     • Q&A

Monday April 19

REGISTER EMEA/APAC  |  ⏰ 9-10am CET / 1:30-2:30pm IST
Americas/EMEA | ⏰ 11am-12pm EST / 5-6pm CET


This session will be lead by Fabian Leitz and Tim Feller (MURAL Product Owners at SAP) and Wout Hermans (Associate Director of Enterprise Transformation at MURAL) and is your opportunity to ask any question about MURAL as well as to learn about what is on the Product Roadmap.

Wednesday April 21

REGISTER EMEA/APAC |    ⏰ 9-10am CET / 1:30-2:30pm IST


We have a very special guest for you, because Mariano Suarez-Battan, the co-founder and CEO of MURAL, is joining us. He started MURAL almost 10 years ago after having had a successful gaming company in Argentina. Now MURAL is a SaaS company in hyper growth with 400+ employees all over the world.

Join us in this session to learn more about Mariano's entrepreneurial journey and ask him any questions you want.

This session will be facilitated by Fabian Leitz (Product Owner for MURAL at SAP) and Wout Hermans (Associate Director of Enterprise Transformation at MURAL).

Wednesday April 21

REGISTER Americas/EMEA |  ⏰ 11am-12pm EST / 5-6pm CET


MURAL is a solution used by 1000s of SAPers for their Agile rituals. Find out why and learn more in this session:

  • Fundamentals of MURAL and working visually
    How to leverage MURAL for day-to-day Agile activities such as:
       - Retrospectives
       - Kanban Boards
       - User Story Mapping
       - PI Planning
  • Integrations with Jira and Github
  • New features in MURAL
  • Tips and tricks for collaborating visually

Monday May 3

REGISTER EMEA/APAC |  ⏰ 9-10am CET / 1:30-2:30pm IST

REGISTER  Americas/EMEA |  ⏰ 10:30am-11:30am EST / 5-6pm CET


All types of customer-facing SAPers use MURAL to engage their customers now they can't meet in-person. In this session you learn how to:

  • Invite your customers to collaborate
  • Get people who never used MURAL before up to speed
      - pre-sales
      - services
      - workshops
  • Use and create templates
  • New features in MURAL
  • Tips and tricks for collaborating visually

Wednesday May 5

REGISTER EMEA/APAC |    ⏰ 9-10am CET / 1:30-2:30pm IST

REGISTER Americas/ EMEA |  ⏰ 11am-12pm EST / 5-6pm CET