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Ask the Experts: How Do You Save A Bad Remote Meeting?
Dana Publicover, Tiny Piñata, & Ross Chapman, Etch Sprints

Thrown into remote work without a plan? No doubt the first thing you'll want to do is call a meeting, but meetings are toxic, made worse when people aren't in front of you. So how can you maintain focus, build momentum and improve productivity remotely without encouraging the problems unstructured meetings exhibit?

Join remote experts Dana and Ross for a recorded, candid discussion with actionable takeaways to keep your remote work productive (and your team on track!)

Watch the recording

Remote Facilitation Best Practices, The Sequel
Robert Skrobe, Dallas Design Sprints, & Sandy Lam, Software AG

Back by popular demand, JustMad's Ana Oarga and Raz Burciu, Sandy Lam and Deep Work Studio's Andrej Ktitarev are got together on Tuesday, March 24  to answer questions about remote facilitation.

In this session, they:
- Explored different topics related to remote work, remote facilitation, design sprints and workshops
- Interacted as a collective on a MURAL whiteboard to capture and discuss various questions.

Watch the recording