Top 10 Instructor Templates

                                                CREATE CONNECTION

Course Introductions Template
With the MURAL MUSEUM of [Insert Course Title 🙂], you can create an intimate exhibition space for students (and you) to get to know their soon-to-be-classmates and share their expectations of the course. Not only will this template help deepen connections between students, it creates an artifact that you can reference and reflect upon as you move forward through your course.

Back to School Bingo
A quick and fun get to know you game to kick-off your class!

The Warm-up and Icebreaker Archive
This template contains a list of activities to kick-off your class and get your students excited and having fun at the beginning of your class. Ensure your students are engaged right away!

                                             MURAL IN THE CLASSROOM

Class Lecture Toolkit
DRIVE DEEPER STUDENT ENGAGEMENT WITH COLLABORATIVE LEARNING ACTIVITIES. The Class Lecture Toolkit contains all of the building blocks you need to structure your murals for any class lecture, with the freedom to customize the canvas to fit your teaching style and the flexibility to continue to deliver your course material, whether you're teaching in-person, virtual, or hybrid!

Ideate, Brainstorm, Group, Prioritize
Brainstorm and prioritize concepts as a team. Brainstorming provides a free and open environment that encourages everyone within a team to participate in the creative thinking process that leads to problem solving. Prioritizing volume over value, out-of-the-box ideas are welcome and built upon, and all participants are encouraged to collaborate, helping each other develop a rich amount of creative solutions.Use this template in your own brainstorming sessions so your team can unleash their imagination and start shaping concepts even if you're not sitting in the same room.

Research Summary
Present findings in an attractive and engaging way.

Team Agreements Template
LEAD YOUR CLASS IN ALIGNING AROUND NORMS AND GOALS. Agreements are the behavioral norms that create and maintain the team dynamic: they help class members understand what they can expect of each other, and how to hold each other accountable. Cultivate class cohesion and a sense of belonging by leading your class in a workshop to articulate their agreements.

                                                     PLANNING & DESIGN

Syllabus Builder Template
PLAN YOUR NEXT COURSE WITH FUN AND FREEDOM, CAPTURE INSPIRATION AND INSIGHTS AS YOU GO. The Course Syllabus Builder is designed to make class planning easy while embracing inspiration and creativity. Share the template with your teaching team, faculty, and staff to ensure alignment and welcome feedback. Export your week by week syllabus to your learning management system to wow your students and get them excited for the course!

Curriculum Development Template
DEVELOP A MEASURABLE, OUTCOME-BASED CURRICULUM WITH CONFIDENCE.The Curriculum Development Template is designed to make your curriculum development journey collaborative, iterative, and fun by allowing faculty and industry stakeholders to share their ideas and provide feedback throughout this process: Define, visualize, and map.

Craft a Powerful Presentation Template
Craft a powerful presentation by experimenting with different story arcs.Want to deliver a presentation your audience will remember? Leverage the power of emotion to make your message stick long after the presentation is over.In this template, you’ll experiment with different emotional journeys you can create for your audience. After trying a few out, you’ll assess which arc best gets your message across.

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