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MURAL enables educators to create a visually rich collaborative environment and cultivate a more engaging classroom by bringing students into lessons and allowing them to interact directly with both the material and each other.

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Warmups and icebreakers can help foster a sense of community in the classroom, here are some of our favorites:

Course Introductions Template
With the MURAL MUSEUM of [Insert Course Title 🙂], you can create an intimate exhibition space for students (and you) to get to know their soon-to-be-classmates and share their expectations of the course. Not only will this template help deepen connections between students, it creates an artifact that you can reference and reflect upon as you move forward through your course.


We have a great Template library to get you started using MURAL in your classroom:

Class Lecture Toolkit
DRIVE DEEPER STUDENT ENGAGEMENT WITH COLLABORATIVE LEARNING ACTIVITIES.The Class Lecture Toolkit contains all of the building blocks you need to structure your murals for any class lecture, with the freedom to customize the canvas to fit your teaching style and the flexibility to continue to deliver your course material, whether you're teaching in-person, virtual, or hybrid!

Peer-review Pinboard
Designed in a simple pin-board style, the template consists of ‘review zones’ each containing a space for a student to share their work and a space for another student (or students) to leave feedback.This template was created by Falmouth University to facilitate collaborative peer to peer feedback activities in both virtual and in-person sessions.


Use MURAL to plan, design, & reflect on your courses & classes, department & team meetings, and more:

Syllabus Builder Template
PLAN YOUR NEXT COURSE WITH FUN AND FREEDOM, CAPTURE INSPIRATION AND INSIGHTS AS YOU GO. The Course Syllabus Builder is designed to make class planning easy while embracing inspiration and creativity. Share the template with your teaching team, faculty, and staff to ensure alignment and welcome feedback. Export your week by week syllabus to your learning management system to wow your students and get them excited for the course!
Curriculum Development Template
DEVELOP A MEASURABLE, OUTCOME-BASED CURRICULUM WITH CONFIDENCE.The Curriculum Development Template is designed to make your curriculum development journey collaborative, iterative, and fun by allowing faculty and industry stakeholders to share their ideas and provide feedback throughout this process: Define, visualize, and map.


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