This page provides essential information about the usage of MURAL at KPMG-US.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Using MURAL @ KPMG-US
  3. What You Should Know
  4. KPMG-US Company Settings
  5. Privacy
  6. Security
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Support


✅ How to create a MURAL Account

MURAL is rolled out at KPMG-US enterprise-wide. Which means anybody, in every service line across the globe can use it.

Creating a MURAL account is easy.

You can sign up directly at and create an account using your KPMG email address.

*Tip: you are allowed to invite your clients to collaborate (at no costs for KPMG-US) > 'how to invite a guest'

For licensing questions you can reach out to

For help with reactivation you can also write:

Learn the Basics of MURAL

🎦 WATCH MURAL & KPMG-US New User Training

▶️ JOIN Live MURAL Training Webinar

🎦 WATCH Video Tutorials

📑 READ MURAL Product Overview Page

🆕 New MURAL Features & Updates

🔎 Find existing workspaces
To find discoverable workspaces at KPMG-US go to:

👉 Request a new workspace
MURAL workspaces at KPMG-US are not used for individuals or teams, but rather for: Ignition, Advisory, Tax, Audit, BPG, and Digital Nexus.

Instead of requesting a new workspace for your team you can work in Private Rooms within existing workspaces. Nobody, other than people you invite, can see your content.

A new workspace will only be created if a private room in an existing workspace does not suffice.


🤓 Video Tutorials
- MURAL: Getting Started, new user training
- MURAL: How to facilitate a design thinking session using Mural
- Facilitating Sessions in MURAL

🎦 Learn what you need to know as a Workspace Admin at KPMG-US

🎦 Learn how to run Interactive Workshops at KPMG-US

🤩 Watch distributed teams collaborate on real work in MURAL
What’s remote collaboration like? See for yourself!
Sign up or see recordings of previous sessions here.

🏆 Get involved in the Quarterly MURAL & KPMG-US Champions Sessions

These sessions are a platform for experienced users to share experiences, provide feedback and learn about new updates.
Send a message to if you want to be added to this distribution list.


⚙️ KPMG-US Company Settings
The KPMG-US Company Admins in MURAL manage the company members and configure company settings that affect all company workspaces.

Click here to read good-to-know implications these might have for you.

🛡️ Privacy

  • To learn more about the KPMG-US confidentiality levels click here.
  • See the KPMG-US Privacy Policy here.
  • See the KPMG-US MURAL Privacy Guidelines here.

    *Tip: Do not Add Personal and Sensitive Information to a mural

🔒 Security

MURAL Room Guidance

  • Private rooms are only accessible to those whom you explicitly invite.
  • Open rooms are public to everyone in your workspace (as long as they have permission to see them).

To view MURAL's Retention Policy – Click Here


🙋 What devices can I use with MURAL?
- Web app on laptop/pc: (Install Firefox or Google Chrome for the best MURAL experience)
- iPad & iPhone:
- Windows 10 laptops & touchscreen displays:

🙋 Can KPMG-US employees use MURAL with external clients?
Yes, KPMG-US has approved the use of MURAL with clients as long as you adhere to the disclaimers in section 3 above.


For any further questions and support:

  • Get in touch with KPMG-US Support in ServiceNow.
  • Contact MURAL through