Getting started with MURAL at Autodesk

Welcome! Here's how to gain access:

• Visit the Request Hub managed by DES-SAM and submit a request to be approved by your manager. This ticket autofills the cost center of the employee and the cost is not covered by EIS, but charged to the requester. Within one business day of approval DES-SAM will add you to your workspace(s). Trialing environment available to all: JOIN 👈

• Already a guest user, but need to be able to create and edit murals? Use the same link as above to request a full membership and you'll be upgraded!

Be sure to note which workspace(s) you should be added to:

  • OneADSK
  • ADSK Incubator (trialing environment available to all: JOIN 👈)

Legacy Workspaces

  • ACS
  • BSM
  • CEO Staff
  • Cross-Org Facilitation
  • CSS
  • CTO
  • DCP
  • DPE
  • Finance
  • Fusion Staff
  • Inventor Family
  • Legal
  • MCP
  • Simulation XD
  • Strategic Foresight
  • WWFO

• Other direct teammates and collaborators should also submit a Request Hub form. Otherwise, consider using a visitor link when you share your canvas.

• Move your content
to the Enterprise space in a few quick steps, and you're done!

Optimizing Real-Time Performance

Though our team works hard to continuously optimize performance, there are still ways you can impact this on your own.

  • We recommend Chrome as the primary browser paired with MURAL (followed by Firefox, Edge+Chromium, Safari). View our other basic technical requirements here.

  • Zoom works well paired with MURAL (as well as most other conference tools). However, sometimes users' bandwidth and internet strength prevent large canvases and many participant videos from running smoothly concurrently. Experiment with turning video off if performance only affects specific users.

  • Incorporate breakout groups (video conference + mural canvases) in your workshops to optimize load times and engagement. The "main canvas" could be a place where you warm up and get energized together, but each breakout group's multi-step activities would be in separate canvases. This also ensures each breakout group can use facilitator superpowers separately -- having their own unique voting sessions, follow me requests, timers, and celebrations. Just like in an in-person engagement, you don't want to overwhelm the team with too many participants in the "conference room".

  • If you'd like to upload external resources to your canvas like Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, it's best to link to content hosted on a file service provider. Larger files take longer to load by nature, so many files of this type on your canvas will slow it down. Upload these to DropBox or a similar service, then copy/paste those Share links into the canvas. This will significantly decrease the size of those files because they are indeed just links leading to other sources of information, rather than hosting and downloading an entire file. (Bonus: this also helps a lot with team version control! )

  • Subscribe to our Change Log to stay up to date on the features that help make your sessions run smoothly!

Learn More From MURAL

👨‍🏫 Check out the Learn tab in the left-hand navigation pane of your MURAL dashboard as your jump-off point

🦸‍♀️⚡️Facilitator Superpowers help you navigate your remote sessions with ease. Check out what's new and share what other Superpowers you'd like to gain in the future!

🔮The Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops ebook brings insights, tools and case studies from digital-first companies and expert facilitators around the world.

If you prefer to keep it simple, check out our blog.

Happy to Chat

We're happy to help at -- you can also reach us via live chat by clicking the (?) in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

Email Gino Valencia, Autodesk's day-to-day contact, at or on LinkedIn.

Rock on, Imagination Workers!