PI Planning at AT&T

PI Planning Best Practices

• After creating your free trial and/or processing your TSS exception, read through this blog post about PI Planning remotely to get a baseline understanding of best practices.

• Create a Private Room to house your content while you edit it. Favorite the room to make it easier to return to later!

• Review these custom PI Planning templates co-created with the CSO team and feel free to adjust them to your needs:

• Add any custom messaging to the mural boards that you feel would help your participants. Before sharing, don't forget to lock design elements to the background if participants don't need to move or interact with them.

• When your boards have been prepared, click the Share button in the upper right corner. Type in the email addresses of your core collaborators as provided by the Scrum Master and hit the Enter key. Alternatively, you can visit your Room Settings to make the room discoverable to anyone in the MURAL workspace.

• In select workspaces, you can invite people using the one-time Visitor user type (if approved and enabled by your workspace admin)

• Consider whether any of your invitees will help you lead the discussion, and could leverage facilitator permissions like the timer, summon, and celebrate.

• If you run into any challenges, feel free to contact Drew Hale, AT&T's day-to-day contact, at drewh@mural.co.

Other Agile Templates

Learn More From MURAL

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If you prefer to keep it simple, check out our blog.

Gaining Access to MURAL

MURAL is in the AT&T Internal Software Store as a non-catalog item and can be found under Tactivos. As a non-catalog item, it requires a TSS exception approval prior to purchase. TSS is an internal process at AT&T that can take 2 to 3 weeks to secure approvals. If you have questions about the process, you can contact your PC coordinator. In the meantime, you may create a 30-day free trial workspace for your team.

To start the process:

1. Open a TSS exception request.
2. Send email to shi.teamatt@shi.com to request a price quote.
3. SHI will request quote from MURAL. MURAL will send quote to SHI.
4. SHI will share quote with AT&T, and then generate two separate Purchase Orders - one for AT&T, one for MURAL.
5. Upon receipt of PO, MURAL will inform AT&T team and provision your Enterprise workspace.
6. MURAL will schedule onboarding with your team.

Happy to Chat

We're happy to help at support@mural.co -- you can also reach us via live chat by clicking the (?) in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.