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September 23, 2020

Connect MURAL to apps like Asana, Airtable, Typeform, Trello, Azure DevOps, and more with Zapier 

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

🔌 Create automated workflows between MURAL and your favorite apps with Zapier integration

Ready to make visual collaboration more productive? With the Zapier integration, you’ll be able to automate workflows, streamline processes, and stay aligned by connecting MURAL with over 2,000 apps. Now available to all MURAL members. Learn more.

September 21, 2020

Private Mode for better brainstorming and a new personal Content Library!   

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

📚 Create and save reusable groups of objects in your Content Library 

You’ll no longer need to hunt for content in other murals. Now, all your most-used MURAL elements can live in one place. Your new personal Content Library will allow you to save charts, diagrams, exercises, and other assets to reuse in the future. 

🔎 Generate more impactful ideas and feedback with Private Mode

Private Mode is a new Facilitation Superpower that enables facilitators to temporarily prevent collaborators from seeing each other’s new content. It’s perfect for helping generate new ideas and avoid groupthink. This is limited to web only; collaborators working on the iOS or Windows app will still see others’ content. 

September 17, 2020

Enhanced security controls for enterprises, a new Jira Cloud integration, and some bugs were banished.  

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

🔑 Choose where your company’s authentication tokens are stored 

By default, MURAL stores the authentication tokens in the “local storage” of the browser, but company administrators in the Enterprise Network can now choose “session cookies” or “session storage” as options, too. 

Enhancements (General Availability)

📄 Easily find and select integrations within MURAL

A new integrations page experience in the MURAL web app provides a better experience when selecting and setting up third-party integrations. 

New Features (Limited Availability)

⏳ Added security with custom “idle timeout” limits 

Company administrators in the Enterprise Network can set the amount of inactive time during a session until a member is automatically logged out from the Company Dashboard.  

🔀 Import and export between Jira Cloud and MURAL 

A new integration with Jira Cloud that will allow you to import and export content from Jira Cloud to MURAL. Upon launch, functionality is a one-time sync. Active (automatic) sync is coming soon. For MURAL’s existing integration with Jira Server, you still will only be able export from MURAL. For early access, please contact support. 

Enhancements (Limited Availability)

🔠 Alphanumeric sorting of murals in a room

You can now choose to sort murals A-Z in a room in addition to by oldest, last modified, and last created.

Bug Fixes

🕷 Open link button icon sometimes disappears when zoomed out.

🐞 The wrong object would sometimes pop up when pressing the X shortcut.

🐛Issue with comments and replies during Private Mode and Voting.

🐝 Some members were unable to update purchasing information.

🦟 An error was shown during the purchase experience for some users. 

🐜 Broken link sent in an email notification when account members limit was exceeded.

September 2, 2020

Elevate collaboration with Quick Talk

Web release

New Feature (General Availability)

📞 Instantly connect with other collaborators via Quick Talk 

With Quick Talk, powered by, you can instantly start a voice call with collaborators inside any mural. It’s perfect for those unplanned or spontaneous collaborative moments. Now available for everyone. (Note: Quick Talk can be disabled/enabled through both the company and workspace administration dashboards. If you don’t see the phone icon on your murals, contact your company or workspace administrator to enable it. Quick Talk can be enabled for certain workspaces or an entire company.) 

September 1, 2020

Celebrate with confetti in the Windows app 

Windows release 1.70.2

New Features (General Availability)

🎊 Celebrate good times in Windows 

The celebration feature that’s currently available on the web is now available to facilitators in the Windows app. Facilitators can emphasize positive moments of collaboration by selecting “celebrate” in their avatar menu. Currently all Facilitation Superpowers must be triggered in personal mode on the Windows app. However, other members and guests can see the confetti in public mode. 

Enhancements (General Availability)

🐙 See your own avatar 

Your personal avatar is now displayed in personal mode even if there are no other members online.

Bug Fixes (General Availability)

🦟 The temporary thumbnail that appears when a mural has recently been created was not centered.

🐛 A component was causing the app to crash in legacy Windows devices such as the MaxHub.

August 27, 2020

Named visitors for all plans, bulk invite collaborators with ease, and bug squashing

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

📛  Know visitors by name

Now available for all plans, visitors can add their name when they enter a mural, enabling teams to know who is adding content, participating, and more. Administrators can turn this functionality on or off at both the company and workspace level.  

📁 Bulk invite collaborators to your workspace, room, or mural with ease

Introducing bulk invites! Customers on Plus and Enterprise Network plans can easily invite groups of members and guests to join a workspace, room, or mural  by simply uploading a CSV file of collaborator emails. Look for the “Upload CSV” link in the share screen when inviting members and guests. 

Enhancements (General Availability)

🎨 Drawings are easier, more colorful, and resizable 

Now, drawings are saved as you draw, and you no longer have to click "Done" to save them. You can also change the color of a drawing and resize after it’s created.   

⬇️ Export button on the top bar of a mural is now an icon 

We’ve updated the “Export” button to make it smaller and provide more room on the top control bar of a mural. You can still find it directly to the right of the “Share” button. 

↔️ Prevent accidental movement of areas with new controls

Moving an area is now similar to moving a shape – click and drag from the edge or title. No more worrying about accidentally moving the entire area when working.

Bug Fixes (General Availability)

🦟 Improved reCAPTCHA for users when Google is blocked.

🕷 Extended trial confirmation modal wouldn’t always work.

🐜 User couldn’t always add custom colors.

🐝 Minimap panning was not always working.

🕷 Adding a comment would sometimes not open the sidebar.

🦟 Widget handles were not synced when resizing or rotating an element. 

🐛 Adding or editing a title or text box would sometimes freeze a mural.

Tech Updates (General Availability)

💻 Interaction layer refactor.

💻 Mapping and normalize activity summary.

💻 Polish selection layer.

August 20, 2020

Visitor names, quicker icons, and some bug fixes

iOS release 1.81


🐨 Know who your visitors are

Visitors now have the option to add their names when entering a mural. Please note that adding a name is optional and visitors control the name they choose to use. Availability limited to free trials, Starter, and partner plans. Coming soon to Plus and Enterprise Network.

⏱ Quicker collaboration with icons

We’ve sped up the loading speed of icons when adding them to a mural. Now you can change color or resize them without slowing down your collaboration. 

Bug Fixes

🦟 The saturation color picker was not correctly aligned in iPAD PRO.

🐛 We improved the messaging when a mural was not found so that the user knows what to do next.

🐞 Changing edit rights to visitors would sometimes kick them out of the mural.

🐜 When creating a comment, visitors should be able to see their names.

August 11, 2020

Circle sticky notes, select multiple elements, and a bunch of bug fixes

Windows release 1.69

New Features (General Availability)

🔴 More ways to share ideas with circle sticky notes

You can now add circle sticky notes in the Windows app, helping you share ideas, take notes, and drive collaboration in new ways. 

👇 Easily select multiple elements with a long tap

Selecting multiple elements in a mural just got easier. Now, after you long tap on an element, you can then tap on additional elements to add (or remove) them from the selection. 

Bug Fixes

🦟 When someone else was selecting a connector, you would sometimes see a rectangle as feedback. If the connector was large and was not straight, the rectangle would block part of the screen.

🐛 The margins of frameworks were not matching exactly the ones in the web.

🕷 Sometimes images were displayed as “Picture not available” after the app was open for a while.

🐞 Drawings would sometimes disappear for a moment while drawing continuously and then re-appear.

🐜 When the app was open for several hours it would sometimes leak memory, making it less performant.

🐛 MURAL templates larger than 10MB would occasionally produce an error when trying to use them.

🕷 Example murals weren’t always working.

🐜 When trying to resize images many times, they were sometimes minimized.

🐞 Tapping on text inside a shape to select wouldn’t always work.

🦟 Sometimes connectors would rearrange in unexpected ways.

August 8, 2020

Copy formatting, connect to thousands of apps with Zapier, touchscreen on the web, another performance boost, and a new Facilitation Superpower 🕵️‍♀️✨

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

⏬ Easily copy formatting and apply to other elements (of the same type)

Now you can easily copy the formatting from one element, such as a sticky note, shape, connector, or text box, and apply it to another element or group of elements (of the same type). 

👇 Touchscreen collaboration using MURAL on the web

Touchscreen actions are now available via web browsers on touchscreen-enabled laptops, making it easier to collaborate with your team no matter where you are. Use a stylus or your finger to draw, create and write in a “draw sticky,” and add sticky notes, frameworks, shapes and more! 

🔌 Connect MURAL to apps like Google Sheets, Airtable, Trello, JIRA, and more with Zapier [beta]

Want to be more productive? With our Zapier integration, you’ll be able to automate workflows and build processes with over 2,000 apps so you can focus on your most important work. Check out the beta now.

Enhancements (General Availability)

⚡️ Better performance at scale - the boost keeps getting better! 

  • Now, when you’re collaborating with large groups of over 50 collaborators, you won’t experience that pesky lag or see the annoying “trying to reconnect” message. 
  • Additionally, pointing and dragging outside of your screen view won’t affect what you’re seeing – resulting in up to 4x faster collaboration in some cases. 

New Features (Limited Availability)

📞 Quickly sync with other collaborators via Quick Talk 

Quick Talk (powered by Dolby) instantly starts a voice call so you can connect with collaborators inside any mural. Use Quick Talk for those unplanned or spontaneous collaborative moments. Now updated with a new user interface to make connecting even easier. You can also include visitors in your calls, not just members and guests. Limited availability. Coming soon for everyone. 

🕵️‍♀️ Generate more impactful ideas and feedback with Private Mode

Private Mode is a new Facilitation Superpower that gives facilitators the power to temporarily prevent collaborators from seeing each other’s new content. Availability limited to select members. Coming soon as a Facilitation Superpower for everyone. 

📛 More control for turning named visitors on and off

Administrators can now turn named visitors on or off at workspace level in free trial, Starter, and partner plans. Named visitors are coming soon to Plus and Enterprise Network plans. 

Bug Fixes (General Availability)

🐞 Luma frameworks wouldn’t always export properly.

🕷 When an element was rotated, the snapping points to connect to it were displayed in the incorrect order.

🦟 When adding a group inside a grid area, the order of the elements was not preserved.

🕷 When pressing one of the audio keys, the stickies would autocomplete with the name of the audio function.

🐞 Avatars from users that have already left the mural were sometimes being displayed.

🐛 Context menu would sometimes close when collaborating in real-time.

🐜 When doing marquee select inside grid areas, the elements inside it would reorder.

🕷 When micro dragging some elements their position would sometimes not update correctly.

🐛 Elements created inside a grid area were being created with incorrect coordinates.

🦟 The warning when you change a draw sticky to a text sticky and vice versa wasn’t being displayed in edit mode.

🐞 New alignments don't work with the workspace feature flag.

🕷 COMMAND + OPT + 0 shortcut not working on Mac.

🐞 Improved real time collaboration performance.

🕷 We improved the feedback when someone else is drawing from the iOS app so that it doesn’t block part of the screen.

🐛 Checkmark icon was not aligned with Settings and Saved under zoom settings.

🦟 Some elements were not being displayed when creating a mural from a template when the user didn’t have edit permissions on the template.

🕷 Top bar was not always visible after deleting an area with content.

🐛 The remote editing layer was not always aligned for rotated widgets.

🐞 When someone dragged the end of an arrow in real time, the collaborator was seeing the arrow displayed in a different position.

🦟 Only members with permissions will see the option to create a workspace in /template-selection.

🕷 The join company workspace page will guide you to manage your workspaces if you have no more workspaces to join. 

Tech Updates (General Availability)

💻 Refactor zoom shortcuts.

💻 Remove ruby from code.

💻 Referrer Improvements.

💻 Mural breaks upon opening, showing "NaN" values for widget props.

💻 Sanitize stickies bg color.

August 5, 2020

Squashed some bugs!

iOS release 1.80.1

Bug Fixes

🦟 After hitting ‘Done’ to end a drawing, it was not possible to pan correctly with one finger unless you first panned with two fingers.

🐛 After drawing a line, an incorrect ‘Undo’ operation was sometimes generated.

🐞 Padding for images was being displayed differently than the web.

🐜 Margins in frameworks were different than the web app. 

🕷 When tapping on a link to a confidential mural, the app would sometimes kick you out.

🐞 Avoid crashing when member data is received as undefined. 

🐛 When changing a font type or size in the web, the app was displaying the text incorrectly.

🦟 The popover menu sometimes closed by itself in the new iPad Pro when using the trackpad.

🐞 Tap and hold to start multiple selection wasn’t always working after changing the zoom level in the new iPad Pro.

Tech Updates

💻 Check real-time permission changes in exports.

July 16, 2020

Download to CSV, more control for facilitators, smarter grid lines, additional performance boosts, and squashed some 🐞🐜🕷🐛 !

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

⬇️ More insights from collaboration sessions

Extracting insights from your murals just got easier. You can now download sticky note, title, and text box data to a CSV file for further analysis after a collaboration session. Data included in the download: ID number, text, background color, sticky type, border line, X and Y axis coordinates, area name, and/or hyperlink. 

Enhancements (General Availability)

🛑 Additional control for facilitators 

No more accidental changes to mural settings by collaborators! From now on, only facilitators will be able to change the size of a mural. The size of a mural can be edited by dragging the sides of the mural surface, right clicking on the mural surface and selecting “Edit mural size,” or by clicking dropdown next to the mural name and selecting “Mural settings.”

🧠Smarter grid lines 

Now you can create more organized visuals. Grid lines have been enhanced to help align elements better in a mural. You’ll notice small changes to the way that the grid guides suggest element positioning relative to each other. 

⚡️Performance keeps getting better

As we previously promised, the boost is getting better! We’ve made some additional enhancements to navigation performance in a mural. Images now look sharper when zoomed out – no more blur! Real-time collaboration is now even smoother. Plus, if you’re using Safari as your browser, we’ve added some enhancements to zooming and panning. 

Enhancements (Limited Availability)

🔤Better organize murals in a room 

You can now sort murals in a room alphanumerically. Availability limited to select members. Coming soon for everyone. 

🆓 New free trials can join existing free trial company workspaces 

Free trials that are created within specific companies will now sometimes be given the opportunity to join existing workspaces. Availability limited to select customers. 

Bug Fixes

🦟 Images on templates that don't belong to a workspace you're a member of no longer break inclusive selection works using SHIFT + click again.

🐛 Visitors who are logged in (not members of that workspace) won't see their Content Library (limited availability).

🐜 Arrow overlapped image search input on guided onboarding.

🐞 Broken image on Google Sign-up.

🕷 Frameworks title not visible on guided onboarding.

🐛 Users were sometimes being duplicated in billing groups. 

🦟 The open button for uploaded images wasn't always working.

🐞 Some images added from private sites would stay gray and not show the correct thumbnail.

🕷 Textboxes could look broken when bolding words using Museo Slab or Adelle font.

🐜 Some textboxes with background color looked taller than when created.

🐛 Room sorting option would reset when leaving the dashboard screen during a session.

🐞 Context menu would sometimes close when collaborating in real-time.

July 7, 2020

Windows: New performance boost, faster brainstorming, summon, and timer in personal mode

Windows release v1.68

New Features (General Availability)

⚡️ Navigation gets a performance boost. We powered up a new engine that will supercharge the loading of content when you zoom and pan in a mural.

↪️ Build flowcharts fast. You can now build flowcharts in the Windows app by adding text to shapes, changing shape background colors, adjusting the font size, and switching the font type.

✍️ Work faster when brainstorming. You can now draw directly on any sticky note without having to convert it to a “draw sticky" first.

🚨 Summon workshop participants. When running a workshop, you can now summon participants so that they automatically follow you. This is available in personal mode only in this first release.

Time activities, now in Windows 10. We’ve added a timer to the Windows app. You can set a desired length of time, add or subtract minutes, and pause a timer once it’s started. This is available in personal mode only in this first release.

🔺 More auto shapes. The auto-shape feature now recognizes triangles when you draw them.


Enhancements (General Availability)

😴 No more falling asleep by accident. Touchscreen displays will no longer go to sleep after a certain amount of time if the app is open. 

⭐️ Clear facilitator identification. The facilitator avatar in a mural now shows a star next to it, which is the same as on the web. 

🗓 Quicker installation. The app no longer asks for calendars permissions when installing for the first time. 

◻️ Better images. Transparent images no longer show a background when they’re not supposed to. 

👉 Improved icon visibility. The move icon is now visible when the mural background is a dark color.


Bug Fixes

🦟 Stickies would sometimes get created when you were zooming in.

🐛 The app would sometimes freeze when logging in.

🐜 PDF previews were not always being displayed.

🐞 When changing a sticky note type in a grid area, the order of the sticky notes would sometimes change.

🐛 When installing the app for the first time, you weren’t always able to scroll down to see the entire page if you were working with your mouse. 

Tech Updates

💻 Inconsistent signature algorithms.

💻 Add tracking for not displaying images.

June 26, 2020

Named visitors, Google Drive, Timers with sound, Resize drawings, and Touchscreen collaboration on the web

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

📛 Anonymous –> Visitor. We’re updating terminology on our website and in the product. “Anonymous visitors” will now be known as “visitors.” The “anonymous link” in the share modal will now be called “visitor link.” Functionality remains the same. Collaborators will be able to identify visitors in a mural as temporary collaborators by a new “Visiting [Animal]” alias preceded by their name, if they choose to add one. This change is tied to the update below about adding a name when you enter a mural as a visitor. 

🧩 View and preview Google Drive files. Integrate MURAL seamlessly into your workflow with the new Google Drive integration. Import Google Drive files and view a preview of them in a mural.

Alert collaborators that time’s up. When the timer runs out, you’ll now hear a sound to let you and your collaborators know that you’ve run out of time.

✍️ Easily resize drawings. Starting today, collaborators who like to communicate with freehand drawings can now resize their work. When you’re done drawing, you’ll now see a blue dot in the corner of the highlighted drawing window that can be used to adjust the scale. 

🪁Register for MURAL Imagine in the Learning Center. You’ll now find information about MURAL Imagine in the Learning Center accessed via the “Learn” tab in your mural dashboard. Register yourself or check out the latest sessions. 

New Features (Limited Availability)

🐨 Know who your visitors are. Anonymous visitors no longer have to be... anonymous. Visitors will now have the option to add their names when entering a mural. Please note that adding a name is optional and visitors control the name they choose to use. Availability limited to free trials and Starter plans. Coming soon to Plus and Enterprise. 

⬇️ Export stickies to a CSV file. You can now export stickies with all their related information (color, shape, link, vote session, etc.) in a CSV format so they can be easily imported to other tools. Availability limited to select MURAL members. Coming soon for everyone. 

👇 Touchscreen collaboration on the web. Touchscreen actions will soon be available via web browsers, starting with touchscreen-enabled laptops, making it easier to collaborate with your team no matter where you are. Use a stylus or your finger to draw, create and write in a “draw sticky,” and add sticky notes, frameworks, shapes and more! Availability limited to select MURAL members. Coming soon for everyone.  

📄 How did your collaboration go? We want to make sure our members are successful, so we’re checking in after your first collaborative session. You might see an email survey from us in your inbox. We appreciate your honest feedback as it helps us improve MURAL. Availability limited to select MURAL members. Coming soon for everyone.

Enhancements (General Availability)

Navigation gets a performance boost. We powered up a new engine that supercharges zooming and panning in murals. With this latest upgrade, we’ve improved existing performance as well as when a group is collaborating together with a lot of content. That pesky lag you sometimes experience will now be reduced and your team will be able to more seamlessly collaborate. 

  • Additionally, the performance boost will now be the default for every user, with no option to turn it off. The lightning bolt icon will appear “on” for everyone. 
  • Going forward, there won’t be an exclusive feedback chat. Please contact customer support with questions or feedback as you normally would.
  • Lastly, you can now edit “draw sticky notes” by double clicking on them

Bug Fixes

🐛 2019 calendars have been removed from the frameworks.

🕷 Fixed issues that occurred when dragging elements in Safari.

🦟 Images would sometimes look blurry, especially on retina displays.

🐞 Sometimes lines would accidentally appear in a mural.

🐜 Elements sometimes stuck to your cursor when using a Mac keyboard.

🐛 Curved connectors weren't always visible on Microsoft Edge.

🕷 Fixed multiple bugs with textbox rendering.

🐞 Drawing over elements wasn't always working correctly.

🦟 Multiple issues with open affordance buttons.

🐛 Users could move locked elements when using the inclusive selection shortcut.

🐛 When creating a connector, it wouldn't always connect to an element if you released the “C” key before the mouse button.

🐞 Frameworks created in iOS would sometimes cause the web app to stop working.

🦟 Murals with noun icons would sometimes cause exports to not work.

🐜 Duplicating an area and its contents when all the elements were selected would sometimes cause an area to not work properly.

🐞 The boundary box of an arrow was sometimes visible when being dragged.

🐜 The monthly pricing option on the billing page wasn’t working properly.

🦟 Some visitors can’t access the canvas when the onboarding callouts is missing

June 26, 2020

Improved drawing, better grouping, and adding a timer for iOS

iOS release

New Features

✍️ Draw what you intend to draw. We’ve improved the drawing experience to prevent lines from being drawn when parts of your hand accidentally touch the screen. 

🔄 Better grouping. Drawings now group automatically according to their distance from one another.

Time activities, now in iOS. We’ve added a timer to the iOS app. You can set a desired length of time, add or subtract minutes, and pause a timer once it’s started. 


🔠 Font size consistency across iOS and web. We’ve adjusted settings so that font sizes shown in the iOS app and on the web will be consistent. 

🔍 Consistent border weights. The borders mural elements now resize according to the zoom level. 

✉️ Quicker sign-in form invites. If you’re already signed into the app, you’re now directly signed in when you click on an invite link. 

⬅️ Easier navigation. The menu for adding images and sticky notes now closes if you tap outside of the mural.

⭐️ Clear facilitator identification. The facilitator avatar in a mural now shows a star next to it, which is the same as on the web. 

Bug Fixes

🦟 Lines would sometimes flicker when drawing.  

🐞 When creating a blank mural, frameworks were sometimes partially outside the canvas.

🐜 If you left the app and then re-opened it, a banner saying “trying to reconnect” would sometimes appear.

🐞 PDF files weren’t always opening when tapping on them.

🐛 High resolution images were sometimes displayed in low resolution if you temporarily lost your internet connection.

🕷 Added a retina image version for the “send room to touchscreen display” modal.

Tech Updates

 💻 Microsoft Intune upgraded to the latest version.

June 5, 2020

A performance boost for everyone, image cropping, plus new learning resources, and a little celebration 🎊

Web release

New Features 

⚡️ Navigation gets a performance boost. We powered up a new engine that will supercharge the loading of content when you zoom and pan in a mural. Now available to all collaborators. Look for the lightning bolt icon on the left hand menu bar. Visitors won’t see the icon. Update not applicable to Internet Explorer 11. 

🧠 Find images with help from IBM Watson. In-mural search results now show images that match a keyword. Powered by IBM Watson image recognition technology. Currently available to select MURAL members. 

🚀 Easy access to learning resources. Now all of the best MURAL learning resources are just one click away - all in one place! Find them in the “learn” tab in the dashboard. What do you want to learn today?

👤 Easily assign facilitation permissions. Facilitators can now assign facilitation rights to other members from the “Manage mural members” screen found by clicking on the Members icon in the top menu bar. 

🎊 Celebrate with confetti. Facilitators can emphasize positive moments of collaboration through a new celebration feature found in their avatar menu. 

✂️ Quickly crop an image in a mural. Images in a mural can now be cropped directly from the image editing controls. You can resize the crop window by dragging the sides and/or corners, or move the window around on the image once you’ve found the right crop size. Now available for everyone. 


➡️ Create straight lines more easily. Lines and arrows “magnetize” to different angles to help you create straight lines.

⬆️ Create “unconnected” lines with a shortcut. Press C + OPT or C + ALT to create a line that isn’t connected to an element. Move the tip of an existing line with this shortcut and you’ll override any connection.

⤴️ Quickly create beautiful flowcharts. When moving two or more connected elements, the connectors now automatically rearrange to the most optimal connection points. Now available for everyone.

🔒A more secure experience. We now redirect all http images or files that are added to a mural to their https counterpart. When searching for images from the sidebar, you will only secure content.

🇯🇵🇨🇳 Japanese and Chinese Characters are now supported in exports.

Bug Fixes

🦟 Multiple fixes to areas:

  • Dragging an area over an image would sometimes send the area to the back.
  • Grid areas would occasionally absorb other elements if you were moving them from the title.
  • It wasn’t always possible to select connectors when they were inside areas.
  • When searching in a mural, some elements inside an area would not be selectable.

🐛 Frameworks would sometimes cause an issue that would prevent a mural from exporting properly.

🐞 As usual, we squashed other tiny bugs.

May 15, 2020

Sign up for a Plus plan online with a credit card, new learning portal, and assign facilitation permissions more easily 🎉

Web release

New Features

💳 Sign up for a Plus plan with a credit card. Free trial workspace admins can now buy a plus plan online with a credit card. Previously, it required outreach to the MURAL team. Plus plans can be purchased from the billing page for 10 to 50 memberships. 

🎓 New learning portal in the dashboard. Now all of the best MURAL learning resources are just one click away - all in one place! Available to select members. Coming soon for everyone. 

💥 Assign Facilitation Superpowers. You can now assign facilitation rights to any member from the “Editing rights” dropdown menu in the mural member settings page. 


✂️ Cropping is now even easier. You can move and drag the cropping mask when cropping an image. You can also crop rotated images. Pro tip: Keep the same aspect ratio when cropping by pressing Shift. Available for select users. Coming soon for everyone.

📩 Clearer export names. Exported murals and areas now have the name of the mural and the area in the file name.

➡️ Better connectors. We improved the way arrows re-arrange so that the reposition is less aggressive.

⬆️ Smoother connectors. When drawing an arrow from the border of a shape to the border of the same shape, the suggestion popup is not displayed anymore.

📚 We’re improving the Content Library:

  • Now you can rename content you've already saved.
  • The experience of adding content associated with the outline is much smoother.
  • The saved order is now most recently to least recently saved.
  • Small adjustments to visual details and wording.
  • Elements saved inside areas/frameworks always save correctly.

Bug Fixes

🦟 HTML code was sometimes being displayed in sticky notes when the Google Translator plug-in was turned on.

🐛 When pasting content from spreadsheets with line breaks inside one cell, the content was sometimes pasted into different stickies.

🕷When there were empty cells in a spreadsheet, the content of the cells copied to a mural would sometimes concatenate instead of being copied into different stickies.

🐜 Double clicking to create a sticky note would sometimes show the blue border for a moment above the sticky. 

🐞 Find results were not always highlighted if they were inside an area.

 🐛You were not always able to select connectors when they were inside areas if the area was sent to the front.

 🕷When duplicating connected areas, connectors would sometimes break.

🐛 Clicking and dragging to select elements was sometimes excluding previously selected elements.

🐞 Resizing the browser window would sometimes trigger the zoom alert.

🕷 The calendar integration wasn’t always picking up login from modal.

🐜 The calendar integration wasn’t always showing Untitled murals in the list when creating an event.

🐛 The ability to save multiple images to Dropbox wasn’t always working.

 🕷Component field values weren’t always showing when exporting to Jira.

⚡️ Lots of improvements to the navigation performance boost: 

  • Sometimes you would see a duplicate element or the element would change entirely when dragging it. 
  • Grid areas weren’t always working correctly when adding elements (showing ghost feedback and shifting other elements inside it to make place for new ones)
  • Sometimes you couldn’t delete an element.
  • Rotated titles wouldn’t always work. 
  • Heavy murals would sometimes have issues when panning.
  • Murals would seemingly get cut off, but then would fix themselves after zooming.
  • Selection boxes would break for dropped links and image captions. 
  • Comment bubbles wouldn’t sometimes look oversized or distorted.
  • Shapes now let you know that you can add text to them.
  • Hiding outline elements wouldn't always work.
  • The open button wasn't always showing up for images with no caption or link.
  • The toolbar would have issues when panning in mouse mode.
  • You weren't always able to pan if dragged above an element that was being edited remotely.
  • You could sometimes create stickies by accident.
  • The find layer wasn't always working correctly.
  • Text would sometimes desync on drag if you moved it while being edited.

May 8, 2020

View cropped images, plan ahead, and bug fixes

iOS v.1.77.0 release


New Features

🖼 View cropped images. Now you’re able to view images in iOS that have been cropped on the web.



🗓 Plan ahead. Calendars from 2020 to 2022 are now available in your frameworks.


Bug Fixes

🐛 Voting instructions were not always being displayed.

🐞 Frameworks would sometimes be created with incorrect dimensions.

🕷 The thread widgets position on creation wasn’t always consistent.

🦟 Editing example templates while being logged out the app would sometimes make the sidebar disappear.

🐜 Videos were able to be selected for upload even if they were not supported.


Tech Updates

💻 Updated to iOS 13 SDK.

💻 Updated expired Sentry token.

💻 Switched to pods for all dependencies.

💻 Updated React-Native to version 0.61.5.

💻 Minimum iOS version required raised to iOS 11.

💻 Added tracking for custom colors.

May 8, 2020

Navigate with a mouse, plus improved performance!

Windows v.1.67.3 release


New Features

🖱 Navigate without a touchscreen. Now you can use your mouse to navigate the Windows App and work in a mural – convenient if you don’t have a touchscreen device.  

🖼 View cropped images. Now you’re able to view images in the Windows App that have been cropped on the web.



💨 Who doesn’t love speed?! Murals now load 38% faster.

🗓 Plan ahead. Calendars from 2020 to 2022 are now available in your frameworks. 

🤚 Stop, you’ve reached the end. The zoom indicator will now let you know once you've reached the maximum or minimum level.


Bug Fixes

🦟 Arrows would sometimes appear across the screen when zooming in or out.

🐞 Resizing groups of elements would sometimes not allow you to resize to the smallest size possible.

🐜 It was not always possible to undo an underline in a sticky note.

🕷 When zooming in and out, the border of shapes would sometimes disappear for a moment.

🐛 Images would sometimes not appear when showing voting results.


Tech Updates

💻 A new asset manager has been implemented.

💻 The flag for gesture optimization has been updated.

April 24, 2020

Self-Serve SSO, Improved Flowcharts, and Performance Boost ⚡️

Web release

New Features

🚪 Customers can manually configure SAML SSO. Enterprise Network customers now have a self-serve option to configure and test an SAML SSO integration. Currently available for select Enterprise Network members. Coming soon for all Enterprise Network members.

📛 Enhanced multi-platform IP whitelisting. IP Whitelisting now supports native devices as well as the web application.

⚡️ Navigation gets a performance boost. We’re powering up a new engine that will supercharge the loading of content when you zoom and pan in a mural. Currently available for select members. Coming soon for all members.

⤴️ Quickly create beautiful flowcharts. When moving two or more connected elements, the connectors now automatically rearrange to the most optimal connection points. Currently available for select members. Coming soon for all members.

📚 Create and save reusable content. Individual members can save charts, diagrams, exercises, and other assets to a content library that can be accessed across any mural in the future. Currently available for select members. Coming soon for all members.


✅ First and last name validation. In order to avoid misleading profile names we added a character validation in the first name and last name fields on the sign-up and profile settings pages. It only applies to users without SSO. This validation checks that the user doesn’t type any characters outside letters, commas, hyphens, dots and apostrophes.

👥 Enhanced identification of company members. We improved the process through which we identify the members of a company on the back end, allowing for greater scaling of enterprise features. 

☑️ Confirmation modal on Company Dashboard. Company Administrators and MURAL stakeholders who have access to a company’s dashboard will now see a confirmation modal before saving changes. Changes are itemized in the modal. Currently available for select members. Coming soon for all members.

🕵️‍♀️ Enlarged search button in workspace dashboard. The search button in the dashboard is now more prominent. Look for it in the top right corner of the screen and search for a mural, room, or template.

Bug Fixes

🕷 Cursors would sometimes remain visible after collaborators left a mural. 

🦟 Pressing the “D” key would sometimes duplicate a drawing while in drawing mode.

🐞 Connectors and arrows would occasionally break after moving a group of interconnected elements.

🐜 Images would sometimes be displayed as grey boxes.

🐞 A “trying to reconnect” alert would sometimes appear if a member was editing a sticky note at the start of a voting session.

🦟 The mural outline is now read-only during a voting session.

🐛 The Facilitation Superpowers modal now opens for view-only collaborators.

🕷 The new mural modal didn’t always scroll properly.

Apr 1, 2020

Avatar update 🌟 and keeping the house clean 🧹

Web Release


⭐️ The avatar stars that denote facilitator permissions are now all the same color to avoid confusion about different color stars meaning different things.

Bug Fixes

🐞 Company Administrators were not always able to create API keys from the Company Dashboard.

🐜 Some web links didn't show thumbnails when added to a mural.

🕷The app would sometimes freeze when resizing a mural while drawing.

🐛 Elements that were previously rotated before being added to a grid area would show up rotated in the export file.

🦟 Text boxes that were added below frameworks were sometimes misaligned when exported.

🐜 Elements were not always updating their rotation when being added to grid areas.

🐛 Images would sometimes temporarily disappear when editing their caption.

🕷 Arrows would occasionally flicker when zooming or panning immediately after moving one of the arrow endpoints.

Apr 1, 2020

iOS 1.75: Scan whiteboard drawings and handwriting ✍️📲

iOS Release

📲Scan everything on a whiteboard. In addition to sticky notes, now you can scan anything drawn on a whiteboard - drawings, handwriting, etc. Only available to MURAL Scan beta testers. Sign up here.

Mar 11, 2020

MURAL De-provisioning API, Key Management, and Find content for everyone 🙌

Web Release

New Features

🔑 API Key Management. Company administrators can generate API keys to use in MURAL public APIs. To start, these keys will only work for the de-provisioning API. As we roll out new APIs over time, this key management feature will support all of them. Available to Enterprise Network customers.

⚡️ MURAL De-provisioning API. Enterprise Network customers can scale their individual de-provisioning process by integrating with our new public de-provisioning API. Company administrators will be able to create different API keys in order to build a de-provisioning flow outside the current MURAL UI. They will be able to log out and revoke access to any company member that leaves the company or shouldn’t have access to MURAL for whatever reason.


🔎Find content in mural now generally available. We've released the new find feature to all users. Access by pressing command+F in a mural, clicking on the 🔎icon on the top menu bar, or by selecting the "?" on your keyboard. Additional enhancements to the find feature:

  • Use shortcuts to work faster within your search results (Pro Tip: use command+A to select all results at the same time).
  • We improved the opacity of the elements below the find results so you can better see the context of your results
  • You can now navigate from the first result to the last result and vice versa.
  • Hidden elements in the outline will not appear in search results

📄 Streamlined context menu options. The context menu doesn't show "Send to Back" or "Send to Front" option when nothing is selected.

🖋 Improved previews. Curved connectors and drawings are better displayed in thumbnail previews on the workspace dashboard.

🔍 Hidden means hidden. Hidden elements in the outline are not displayed anymore when you use the "X" shortcut.

Bug Fixes

🐞 The new facilitator locking interaction wasn't always working as expected when elements are close to the right of the screen and the lock menu opens to the left.

🕷 Selecting different options in the timer dropdown sometimes wasn't behaving normally and stayed in the "selected" state when it wasn't clicked.

🐛Find navigation would sometimes break when reaching the last result with your keyboard.

🐞 Areas were not always visible in voting results.

🦟 When pasting a URL from the web it wasn't always being displayed in real-time in the windows app.

🐛 Clicking on a link inside a title in view only mode would sometimes not take you to the URL.

🕷 When resizing grid areas, the border would sometimes flicker.

🐞 Text wasn’t always resizing when the font was changed inside sticky notes.

🐛 When resizing a sticky or shape with a connector, the connector would not always resize in real-time

🦟 Text boxes with bigger font sizes were sometimes not being displayed correctly in the activity log.

🕷 Fixed mural downtime when deploying real-time.

Mar 10, 2020

Windows v.1.66.0: Improved Performance

Windows Release

🏃‍♀️Significant improvement in mural navigation performance. Testing shows as much as an 85% increase in speed when zooming in and out! This improvement is initially turned off by default. You can enable by tapping on the settings icon and then turning on "gesture optimization" under "Labs."

Mar 5, 2020

iOS 1.74.0: Custom colors and better drawings!

iOS Release

New Feature

🎨 Create custom colors. You can now add any color you want to your palette for use throughout a mural, including drawings, stickies, and shapes.


👆 Improved navigation control. We improved the navigation so you don't accidentally move elements that are partially outside of the viewport.

✏️ Better drawings. The highlighter won't cover your line drawings anymore.

✍️ New drawing options. Select from more distinct default stroke options.

Bug Fixes

🐜 Text edits from other apps were not always being displayed in real-time.

🐛 Long texts in sticky notes were occasionally overflowing the sticky note.

🕷 Uploading images from the camera in big murals was sometimes not working.

🐞The context menu would often appear displaced if you tapped on a group.

🦟 Scroll to top in the frameworks list wasn't always working.

🐜 App was sometimes crashing when getting started on iOS 10.

🐛 PDF exports were not always working.

Tech Updates

📱 Fixed disconnect socket while debugging.

📱 Better handling of images returning 404.

📱 Update mural-shared version

Feb 26, 2020

Windows 1.65.1: New ability to test your connection

Windows Release

New Feature

📶 Test your connection. Get instant information about your connection to our servers and to your Wi-Fi in a single step from the Settings icon.

Bug Fixes

🐜 When creating a mural from a template some rooms were not loading.

🐞 When changing a sticky type inside an area, the sticky would sometimes be placed in a different area.

🐛 Opening an example mural would occasionally freeze the app.

🕷 Fixed 301 exception handling.

🐜 Stickies would sometimes cluster to the wrong parent when changing types.

Feb 19, 2020

Company-Wide Disclaimers, New Facilitator Tag, and Enhanced Facilitator Lock Feedback 👏

Web Release

New Features

🚨 Optional company disclaimer in every mural. Enterprise Network members will be able to set a company-wide disclaimer to appear in every mural. The message will be customizable from the Company Dashboard in the "General" section. Currently available for select Enterprise Network members. Coming soon for all Enterprise Network members.

📄 Client-specific help section. In order to be compliant with a customer’s Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), members will now visualize a new company-specific help section. This feature will not be visible by other users outside one company. We are not planning to scale this feature to other members.

📑 Help menu available in company dashboard. Chat with customer support or access the support page without leaving the Company Dashboard. Currently available for select Enterprise Network members. Coming soon for all Enterprise Network members.


🏷 Company Dashboard beta status label. The notation is only visible to Company Dashboard beta testers to reinforce the status of the product.

👀 Visual clean-up. Tweaked spacing and font colors in the "Create mural" modal.

🔒 Clarified lock options for facilitators. We're making it easier for a facilitator to choose who can unlock elements in a mural. The options can be found by highlighting the elements, right-clicking, and hovering over "Lock."

🏷 New facilitator tag. We've added a tag along the top menu bar that lets you know have facilitator permissions in that specific mural. Currently available for select members. Coming soon for all.

🤦‍♂️ Enhanced 404 error messages. Clarified messaging for anonymous users when they can't access a mural because it has anonymous linking turned off. Part of a stream of work to improve 404 error messages.

🔍 Multiple enhancements to searching for content in a mural:

  • Transparent background color option now appears first in the list of search filters.
  • Shadow highlight for circle stickies mimics their shape.
  • Search now ignores blank spaces at the end of the keyword or text.
  • When duplicating a sticky from search results, the duplicated sticky will now also appear in the results.

Bug Fixes

🐛 Searching for content in a mural:

  • Right clicking on search results would not always show the context menu.
  • Dragging search results would move the widget below the overlay.
  • When dragging a sticky from search results to an area, the sticky would go under the overlay.
  • You were not able to unselect a widget from search results.

🐞 Images were not always being displayed in search results.

🕷Opening the font menu as an anonymous user would sometimes cause issues.

🐜 Cursor would sometimes stay stuck in connector mode until you pressed the "C" key again.

🦟 Undoing a connector with the suggestion modal open would sometimes cause issues.

🕷 The edit comment layout would sometimes not work properly.

🐛 The position of the "View only" icon was not correct in the "Mural members" dropdown.

🦟 Tracking in the "Create mural" modal would occasionally not work properly.

🐜 Template share links were not always working for people outside of the workspace the template belonged to.

🐞 As usual, we fixed other tiny bugs!

Jan 30, 2020

Enhanced connectors, formatting controls, and bug fixes!

Web Release


➡️ Copy connector formatting. Save time when creating flowcharts! Connectors now copy the style of the previous connector.

🧲 Connector magnetism adjustments. Connectors were being too aggressive, so we changed the magnetism of the snapping points. You now have more freedom when connecting them.

Instructions editor formatting. You can add soft line breaks to instructions editor (shift + enter) for more precise formatting.

↗️ Templates in a separate tab. Open templates in a separate tab from the create mural modal for a closer look.

Bug Fixes

🐛 When moving elements inside an area with the keyboard, a duplicated element was being displayed.

🐛 It was not possible to select areas inside areas

🐛 It was difficult to drag and select areas inside shapes.

🐛 The Edit link and Edit thumbnail submenu were not closing.

🐛 Ctrl - Cmd + C Shortcut was not working.

🐛 Only new guests in old user system: The current invite permissions to invite “Only new guests” was only working for the new user system. We made a fix to support it in the old user system as well.

🐛 As usual, we fixed other tiny bugs.

Jan 9, 2020

New content search feature, facilitator ID, OneDrive integration, and more! 🚀

Web Release

New Features

🔍 Easily find content inside a mural. You can now search and filter content by text and color inside the mural. Only available to select customers for the time being.

⭐️ New facilitator identification on avatar. All things related to facilitation are now tied together with a ⭐️.

📂 Microsoft OneDrive integration. You can now import files directly from your OneDrive account. Only available to select customers for the time being.

🔑 Microsoft Single Sign-On. Sign in to MURAL using your Microsoft account.

📊 New insights in Company Dashboard. When you access the Company Dashboard you will now find a new Insights section with information on Users, Workspaces, Templates, and Canvases. Only available to select customers for the time being.


🔏 Edit and delete Billing Groups. Global Admins will now be able to modify Billing Groups information such as Name, Billing Email, Subscription Start and End Date.

🧹 Guides removed from the dashboard. Unused features are now removed so we don't clutter the interface.

Bug Fixes

🐛 It was not possible to delete comment replies.

🐛 It was not possible to select areas within areas.

🐛 The modal to remove a vote said "Remote" instead of "Remove."

🐛 On the voting results page, long texts overlapped with the "Unique voters" text.

Jan 1, 2020

Windows 1.64.0

Windows Release

💪 When a Touchscreen Display has been removed from a workspace, you can now re-connect it faster without having to go back to the Dashboard by using a numeric code
🐛 Double tap when creating a sticky note was occasionally freezing the app if the mural had many stickies.
🐛  Preview images with urls were sometimes not being displayed.

Dec 2, 2019

iOS 1.67.2

iOS Release

🙌 Tired of pushing one mural at a time to the Hub? You can now send an entire room at once.

💪 Better performance on murals with lots of images! Canvases with lots of images were taking too much time to load and would sometimes crash the app.

💪 "Hub" was renamed to "Touchscreen display" to make it clear that you can send a mural to other devices as well.

💪 Better performance on the Add element menu.

💪 Better handling of local images to avoid loading them multiple times.

💪 Improved the way we track errors in the app

🐛 Images were flickering when locked.

🐛 The color icon was not visible when adding an area.

🐛 Some users were randomly logged out of the app.

🐛 There was no feedback when an image didn't load because of an error.

Dec 1, 2019

Windows 1.63.1

Windows Release

💪 Save time by sending an entire Room to the Hub, no need to send murals one by one any more!

🐛 There was an error in the animation of loading icons.

Dec 1, 2019

Improved canvas performance and locked elements selection

Web Release

🙌 You will notice a major performance improvement while interacting with the canvas! This is part of a bigger effort of making working on the canvas as smooth as butter.

🙌 Selection for locked elements - Just want to modify a specific section of your canvas but you’ve already locked everything down? Press ctrl+Shift and select the elements you want to lock.

🙌 New mural menu - Search for templates by keyword or category when you create a new mural, and see template descriptions to make a more informed decision about which one is best for you.

🙌 Save time by sending an entire Room to the Surface Hub or Touchscreen Display running the Windows app, no need to send murals one by one any more!

💪 We keep improving our arrows, so you can easily connect elements with no fuss.

💪 From now on all "Surface Hub" will be identified as "Touchscreen Display", since you can also send your canvases to other Windows 10 touch screen displays.

💪 Google contacts integration - You can now invite Google contacts to your workspace from the sign-up flow.

💪 Rich text in instructions - Use bold, italic, underlined, lists and bullets.

💪 Facilitator feedback in the members list to give depth and hierarchy to your instructions.

🐛 You were able to zoom the Chrome UI with keyboard shortcuts while on the canvas loading screen.

🐛 The border wasn't showing up on drawing stickies.

🐛  Duplicating a group with a connected arrow would create an extra one.

🐛  The input was getting unsorted when editing a shape that had text on it.

🐛  Not all text controls were appearing when adding text to a shape.

🐛  There were some layering problems when working with shapes and connectors.

🐛  Dragging a connector on top of an area's children would connect to the area rather than to the desired element

🐛  You could move some elements while using the C shortcut, instead of creating a new connector.

🐛  You could connect to the same origin snapping dot while using the shortcut, creating a very small arrow.

🐛  Suggestion popup wasn't appearing when dropping a new connector over an area.

🐛  Many more connectors bug fixing and improvements.

Nov 21, 2019

Win 1.62.2

Windows Release

💪 Better performance when dragging objects! We reduced the memory required to display a canvas which allows for a better dragging experience.

💪 Save time when creating stickies! When you double tap next to an existing sticky, the new one will copy its format.

🐛 When drawing, the first stroke would glitch for a moment.

🐛 Groups were not scaling properly when the elements were rotated.

🐛 Hub was allowed to make edits after getting a 400 error.

💻 Use new images / files upload endpoint.

💻 Better handling of API errors.

💻 New patch endpoint.

💻 Better rtb imports.

Oct 29, 2019

Improved connectors and new billing management for the Enterprise

Web Release

🙌 Billing Groups: Customers in Enterprise Network plans can now have multiple buyers within the same company. We call this feature a Billing Group. The first release is now available for selected customers. We can create and manage billing groups, including adding and removing members from them. In addition, customers can see the last access and interaction days in the last 3 months of the users inside a billing group. We support adding members manually or automatically regarding how those users collaborated with other MURAL members in the company.

🙌 Connectors: You can now build flowcharts extremely fast! Get suggested snapping points when connecting elements and get a suggestion to create a new element when holding "C" and dragging.

💪 Empty shapes can now be connected.

💪 Updated Event Canvas frameworks ("Event Model Canvas" and "Empathy Map") to their latest versions.

💪 Added "Learn S.I.M.P.L.E", "Learn S.M.A.R.T" and "Innovation Ecosystem Map" Kromatic frameworks.

💪 Don’t want anyone else to end your voting session? We inverted the settings on the new voting modal so that only you and other facilitators in your canvas can end sessions you start by default.

💪 New feedback for the Facilitator lock - now Facilitators will see that they are “Super Locking” elements and see an explanation for what that means. Collaborators will see a different icon so it’s easy to tell which elements are Super Locked

💪 Updated style for Instructions to make them more legible and easier on the eyes

🐛 You were able to add elements to groups using the context menu, which then lead to moving locked groups accidentally.

Oct 21, 2019

iOS v1.66.2

iOS Release

🙌 Better image loading performance.
🙌 When drawing, strokes that are far apart from each other will be split and saved as different elements.
🐛 Connectors were misaligned when you moved shapes on the web.
🐛 "Send comment" button was not visible in landscape mode.
🐛 When duplicating elements with comments, comments were also duplicated.
🐛 When editing a template before signing in, the connection with the server would break.
🐛 Opening a mural as an anonymous user would crash the app.
🐛 Grouping elements with drawn stickies in the web or windows app would crash the app.
🐛 As usual, we fixed other smaller bugs.

Oct 6, 2019

Improved connectors and more invite settings

Web Release

🙌 Want to build neat flowcharts? You can now snap an arrow to the border of any element, so they always look tidy. Just for selected workspaces

🙌 Invite restrictions in workspace settings. New options were added. Now, workspace admins can select the following: New members and guests, Only New Members, Only new guests, or No one new. The settings available will depend on the current workspace and company settings.
💪 Styling connectors used to be a struggle if you had many of them together. Now it will come forward while selected, making it really easy to edit.
💪 Comments navigation is more intuitive since the arrow tooltips now display which is newer and which are older.
💪 You can now override the connection snapping using the ctrl/cmd key. Just for selected workspaces

💪 New interaction to show users how to remove a vote! Not understanding how to remove a vote was one of the most common usability complaints we got related to voting. Now clicking on an already-placed vote will show a menu that allows you to add or remove votes, as well as shows the shortcuts for doing so.
🐛 The position of the "Send to this step" link in the Outline now always appears properly aligned
🐛 The callout explaining the facilitator permission isn't jumpy on hover anymore
🐛 Feedback about the timer doesn’t overlap with the voting banner anymore
🐛 The tooltip explaining hidden elements shows up in the right place now when the element is inside an area or framework
🐛 Bounding box not visible anymore when hiding cursors during presentation mode
🐛 Cleaned up the position of the X users online tooltip in relation to avatars so everything is properly aligned
🐛 Fixed an issue with some older elements that caused murals that contained them not to load properly

🐛 If someone deleted their comment reply, then they would appear as the owner of previous replies in the activity log and notifications.
🐛 Trying to copy a comment’s text using a shortcut (cmd+c or ctrl+c) wasn’t working properly.
🐛 The canvas size was randomly shrinking when collaborating with other members.
🐛 Opening a collaborator's comment would sometimes break the browser.
🐛 Sometimes exporting multiple canvas images to Dropbox wasn’t working.
🐛 Resizing a rotated element was very wonky, not anymore
🐛 Some activity logs couldn’t be actionable to recover.

Oct 3, 2019

Windows v.1.61.1

Windows Release

🙌 Keep your audience engaged while presenting. With the New Full Screen Mode we maximize the real state of your canvas by hiding the tool bars and reducing the following bars. Tip: you can still add sticky notes by double tapping.
🙌 Want to build a playful navigation inside your canvas? You can now add links to elements inside the canvas and jump to them directly when clicking on the “Go to >” button.
🙌 More voting flexibility! You can now vote on areas and files.
🐛 Recovered content from the web was not appearing in real time.
🐛 Vote results were not showing when the vote was casted over a textbox.
🐛 As usual, we fixed other tiny bugs.

Oct 1, 2019

iOS 1.65

iOS Release

🙌 Don't worry about accidentally closing the app while drawing, your drawings will now be automatically saved. No need to hit Done anymore!
🙌 Drawing is getting smarter. In this release you'll see better drawing separation. If you pan or zoom while drawing, a new drawing will be created.
🙌 No need to group drawings to areas or frameworks anymore! Drawings will be automatically absorbed over areas and frameworks.

💪You can now manage big drawings more easily as they get separated into different elements.
💪Being inactive for a minute while drawing will create a separate drawing on the next stroke.
💪Typing text will be easier as now the viewport will follow the input as you type.

🐛 Sharing from the Post-it Plus app was not working
🐛 Creating a sticky note next to another one with a link would also add a link to the new sticky.
🐛When editing sticky notes, the text was shown cut off until you started typing.

Sep 17, 2019

iOS 1.63

iOS Release

🙌 If flowcharts are your thing, you can now get creative with brand new shapes including triangles, diamonds, pentagons, and hexagons!

💪 We know drawing was a little challenging specially since a simple swipe from left to right would take you back to the dashboard. We got your back! We disabled that annoying gesture so you can draw comfortably.

💪 Some stickies had text colors which were hard to read, so we switched them to white.

🐛 You can now see the text you're typing when adding a sticky note in landscape mode.
🐛 Items that were recovered on the web were not visible in the app.
🐛 Grouping and ungrouping elements that were connected was messing the connectors in the canvas.
🐛 Guests shouldn't see the "Favorite murals" dashboard option.
🐛 As usual, we fixed other tiny bugs.