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What’s New at MURAL: Notifications, App Integrations & Templates

Written by 
Annelise Schoups
April 20, 2017

Welcome back to our quarterly series, What’s New at MURAL!

To successfully serve the needs of the design thinking industry, we have to practice what we preach. That means that we listen to and incorporate user feedback to make MURAL as useful and user-friendly as possible. This quarter, for example, we’ve made updates to include MURAL notifications and app integrations across our web-based and mobile applications.

With these videos, you can learn how to:

  • Enable MURAL notifications in Slack
  • Import images using the Post-It Plus iOS app
  • Create a mural using a premade or custom template

Watch the videos below for more details.

Missed the last update? Find our February webinar featuring mobile devices here.

All caught up? Here’s a look at what we revealed this week:

You will enter this mural in View Only mode.

Enable MURAL notifications & app integrations:

1. Slack Integration

If you use Slack every day, you can now receive MURAL notifications within the chat about important changes taking place inside your murals. You’ll see when someone comments on a mural, when someone joins and when you get invited to a mural, room or workspace. To turn them on:

  • Go to your avatar in the bottom left corner of MURAL
  • Select Account Settings and view the Notifications section
  • Click the ‘Connect’ button & follow the prompts
  • Then, select the checkboxes under the Slack icon or Email icon to adjust where you get which notifications

If you want to turn them off, simply click the ‘Disconnect’ button in your Notifications settings

When you connect MURAL and Slack, the ‘mural-bot’ will automatically appear in your list of contacts within Slack. Any notifications you choose to receive will be sent to this location. Now you can be aware of any activity, the flow of comments on your projects and more.

2. Push notifications in iOS and Windows
Not as connected to Slack, but still want updates on-the-go? Our iOS and Windows companion app users can now receive MURAL notifications whenever there’s an important update in one of their murals. Just go to the notification settings on your preferred mobile device and enable push notifications from MURAL.

3. Start a mural from a template on the web
Now there’s a new way to start your murals from a range of templates within MURAL. These predesigned versions help you and your team get going right away and give you the space to create your own custom templates. Either way, they allow you to accelerate your creative process by recreating a previously defined exercise without wasting time. To find templates:

  • Open MURAL and sign into your workspace
  • Select ‘Create New Mural’
  • Choose a template and click the ‘Create Mural’ button


  • Start MURAL and sign into your workspace
  • Click Templates from the menu on the left
  • Find a template and click the ‘Create Mural from Template’ button on the top right

4. Import notes to murals from the Post-it Plus app on iOS
If you’re an iOS user who also uses 3M's Post-it Plus to take pictures of your boards, try exporting your boards to a mural so you can keep the momentum going wherever you are. To export your work:

  • Take a picture of your sticky notes using ‘Post-It Plus’
  • Once the app converts them to individual notes, choose ‘Export’ and select MURAL as the destination.

*Note that you need to have both apps running, and your preferred mural open, before you get started. Also make sure to turn on the MURAL option within the Post-it Plus app.

5. Tip: Find easy ways to introduce digital work to your team
Taking advantage of these new features wherever you use MURAL will help you seamlessly merge your online and offline work. Keep your project momentum going by introducing digital aspects to your team on method at a time, and read more about tactics for aligning remote and in-person sessions here.

For more tips, typing a question mark (?) anywhere in a mural will bring up a list of shortcuts. Plus, you can always access the help menu via the ? in the lower left. Browse our help center for more tips, and don’t forget to join our upcoming webinars to see What’s New at MURAL every quarter.


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