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New Feature: Arrows & Connectors

Written by 
Agustin Soler
July 5, 2013

Connect the dots!

We've put a lot of effort to this new feature after popular demand. We are listening! Yep, we are talking to you, you, you and you.

MURAL users have been using arrows to connect ideas in concept or mind maps, mapping UX flows, and also to relate groups of ideas to get more clarity from a system...

...but our arrows weren't great, mainly because they were not very good-looking and because they didn't CONNECT the elements to each other; this made moving stuff around a bit of a pain.

That is all history now, ladies and gentlemen. We've added some magic and we are proud to announce:

Curved Arrows

Curved arrows add more flexibility to the current arrows, allowing to connect  elements in a more organic way.


You can change the way they look by double clicking on them.


Change the color.


Change the stroke, style and size.


...and even bend them!


Connect elements with lines and arrows

The second piece of news is that all arrows and lines can now connect anything added to a mural, including youtube videos, sketches you took pictures of, shapes, Evernotes, textboxes. Now, all elements are connectable.


This means that if you move any element from a connected set, it will still be connected to the set. This permits you to create flows and rearrange content around the mural without losing its inherent relation.

Remember, arrows and lines can be added from the Shapes Tab.

Enjoy this week's treat!

About the author

About the authors

Agustin Soler

Head of Product
Head of Product at MURAL. A lifelong learner, passionate about strategy, productivity and simplicity.

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