12 Weeks, 54 Speakers, 34 Talks, 16 Workshops

Put imagination to work

MURAL is a digital workspace
for visual collaboration

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration

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495% ROI

Learn how MURAL helped IBM scale design thinking across its global organization, achieving 495% ROI with a payback period of < 6 months.


Faster Decision Making

Reduce Travel Costs

Drive Continuous Results

Scale Innovation Culture

Increase Productivity

Connect Distributed Teams

Proud to be a 2020 G2 award-winner

Making members successful

What’s our secret sauce? It’s that we care just as much about the core product experience as we do about delivering a world class service to our members. We live by our "Make Others Successful" value that we adopted during our startup in residency at IDEO.

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